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      Private Messages   11/10/2017

      I have finally restored most of the private messages in a separate database.   Click Here and log in.  You should be able to find your messages.  That is all I have there for now.  Most images and files should be   You must open this message to use the link.
    • Rebecah

      We are still here! :)   11/13/2017

      It looks like all our hard work paid off, as we were not shut down yesterday.  Thank so much for all your help!

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  2. Wonky Paint Program

    Oh congrats on buying a house, it's a wonderful feeling. I remember it took me a few weeks of actually living in our house before it really hit me, that the house was ours! 21 years later I still love my little house. Now that I know this new way of making patterns, I can make quite a few in a day if I stick to it. Today wasn't so productive because I had to get 3 fillings at the dentist. I do have a lot of clothings that I am also working on. I have to switch back and forth between the clothings and making patterns so I don't get bored or lose interest. This new way of making patterns is so much faster. Michael wants me to download Sims3 and make him some stuff. He's been playing Sims3 for a couple of weeks now. Yeah, I need to learn how to make things for Sims3 because I just don't have enough projects on the go as it is. OH!! I also figured out the correct sizes of the pictures I usually take for my uploads. Solved my own problems after adjusting and readjusting the sizes like a gazillion times.
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  14. Wonky Paint Program

    UGH there was a recent windows 10 update that, along with a common AMD driver, that is messing with people's games as well, it is causing crashes and stuff, due to running out of memory, It is making windows 10 (the update) not release standby memory properly so the game is running out of memory, and the AMD driver is doing the same, on other peoples computers. I suspect that the later Nvidia cards having a problem is caused by the same thing, but haven't been able to prove that yet. I figured out a solution to those people who are having problems getting the 4 gb patch read by their computers, and Jessa figured out the standby memory problem. I suspect the two issues are interrelated actually. I wonder if it was the same update that messed with Corel? Sorry I haven't been back btw, as we are in the middle of buying a house, and trying to get moved before the grandbaby is born. The good news is they accepted my offer, so let's keep fingers crossed the inspection goes off without a hitch, and we are able to sign papers and get in before the baby arrives! The baby will be here around the 1st of June, and the house won't be empty til May 25th!
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