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  1. New Animated Donkey

    Donkeys randomly run around your lots. They have two needs which are social and hunger. They can be cleaned, brushed, petted, and rode. Fouls may only be cuddled.

    Base Game Version:
    All purchasable items are found under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous, some items like the rake are accessories and can't be purchased. I have tested the base game version in Life Stories and it works as expected.

    All images may be enlarged by clicking on them.

    Image in Life Stories Game:

    Pets Version:
    All purchasable items are found under Miscellaneous/Pets, some items like the rake are accessories and can't be purchased.

    To purchase the donkeys you must first place the sign on your lot, then click on it to purchase your selection. Fouls require a Jenny to take care of their needs. Fouls grow up to be full sized donkeys after a few Sims days. To change their texture you have to use the design tool under buy mode, just as you would recolor other items.

    There is a feed trough and water trough, they will need to fill their hunger needs, these are the same troughs the horses use.

    Sims have an option to pet, clean and brush which will increase their social.

    A Straw bed is available for their sleeping, but not required, and allows for horses, donkeys, pigs and cows to use for sleeping.

    These require so much time to create, there are several options I'm not happy with and may work on later, but for now please don't complain. If you are unhappy with the animations etc, then you are more then welcome to work on them yourself, or delete the files.

    Known Issues: Animals and Sims walk through the items.

    Sims seem to get stuck riding at times, if this happens and you need your sims to get off the Donkey go to CRTL+Shift+C enter testingcheatsenabled true then right click on the Sims and select force error, then click the reset option. Any time an item is not working in your game you may use this same option, to reset the item.

    When the Sims pet, clean or brush sometimes the animal will walk away.

    If things just don't work I would like to hear about those types of issues.


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  2. CS Outdoor Bush Toilet Converted to Sims 2 - Requires Pets or Higher

    This is found under plumbing/toilets for $150.


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