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Workout Mat - Sims 2

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About This File

Another item I found in our request area, this is a request from TheNinthWave and I did feel this was something that would be useful for period lots, where they wouldn't have a TV.

This works similar to the TV workout and does require FreeTime and Seasons. If someone wants it for lower expansion...please let me know.

Textures are pulled from EA bedding "sheets" not the blanket or quilt. It is found in with exercise equipment for $325.

I have included an invisible recolor of bedding, to give you an invisible recolor for the mat.

Thank-you to everyone who tested this and for all of their input to help make this a better creation. Special thanks to Heather and Nonni for their extensive testing.



Invisible texture:


I have added a version that has no shadow for indoor use...Thanks to NinthWave for the information and help on this.

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Guest Effelenn



This would be great for my stoneage 'hood, but my highest EP is Seasons. This is my request for that lower-EP version. Thank you. :)

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