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Lot size is 3x2.  Cost is $13,599.
all CC included. All ep's required.
Partly furnished.
Thanks to all the wonderful creators.
Note:  In order to be able to the farm animals purchase signs included with this lot you will need the following files:


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I have added the cost and lot size for you.  I have checked the lot and the only issues I found were,  all of the animal purchase signs are of no use, unless the downloader happens to have them in their download folder.   I also, removed the unnecessary extra lot file, it made it confusing to know which to download.  All needed files are in the file that is posted....except of course the animals.

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Angel in Heven


Cami, once again your skill and talent are evident in this new creation.

Thank you for sharing and thanks to Beck for testing the lot.

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This farm is soo nice! I wasn't so much with the rural/farm style for my sims...but this lot will be perfect for Leod McGregor and his growing family(this when I'll get a new computer and all EPs)!

Thank you so much!!

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