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      My mission is to offer hope to people who are dealing with grief and loss associated with death/divorce/chronic illness/having a special needs child These are all areas that have touched my life and I want to encourage people dealing with the same issues and help educate others on how to meet the needs of the grieving and disabled.

      Blessings to you, Debbie Kay

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    • That's too bad, Alet..but I totally understand how this would affect you negatively then. 
    • MM, You sound like an awesome cook! (MM should stand for: M-M-Good!) 😋 That is such a nice thing for you to do, but it's too bad about your friend's circumstances. Thank the Lord he is recovering! I'm just the opposite of busy here, and I love this time of year when I can be a hermit once again! We went to a restaurant today and I commented on the cranberry pineapple meatballs that I had; They were great!     
    • You made me  so loud, I woke up Jake. Things have been so busy here, been trying some new recipes and I am actually going to a party tomorrow with Dave. I have to make honey-garlic meatballs and I also want to make my tuna-macaroni salad and deviled eggs. Dave's friend Paul was in a horrible accident and for a few days it was touch and go. He's recovering but it's going to be a long process and the party is for him and his wife. When Dave had his accident with his bike, Paul came to his rescue. I kinda want to also make some lasagna for them to take home so one day when Sandy is not wanting to cook, they have a home-cooked meal.
    • LilSis I would love it if you could put up Katy's files.I'm  looking for the large shopping bad that she did.  I'm testing the files you gave me with a bank I found on MTS https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=221148 I also found that the following items are missing, does anyone happen to have them?  I have found an issue with the Credit Card sending funds to neighbors.  Still working on that, one can send a friend or someone they know via the bank terminal.  So I may just remove that option from the CC. I want to do a little more testing on the various items.  I have made many repairs there are so many items, that's why it's taking so long.  I finally went through all of the files and fixed everything I could find...except the CC. I don't think most of the items I'm missing will cause the bank any issues.  The bank console I have the top one not the bottom one.    
    • I really am not interested in doing more animated animals at this time.  Sorry!  They are just far too much work.
    • Hello I would like to ask if it would be possible for BecksAnimatedCanadianGoose/BecksAnimatedMallard to make such animals as the farm chickens.That would be great to have ducks as farm animals in the game. I love these farm animals so much !!!!!.
    • I did this one separate as it needed other files to work.  It is posted here:    
    • Sorry, I thought I was only removing the first page of these posts and got all but the very first post and the last post.
    • If you are getting errors trying to run Origin, be sure you have vcredist x86 2017 installed.  You may download it here:  Click Here If you need vcredist x86 2015 you must install that before installing the 2017 version first,  You can find a copy included with Origin in your folder ProgramFiles (X86) under the Origin folder.  Origin also includes the 2010 version of the vcredist.  
    • If you happen to use System Mechanic Pro or Phoenix 360 it has a serious bug that effects Sims 2.  It was removing my Sims 2 info from my registry.  I happen to remember I had this problem several years ago and I did report it to Iolo, but unfortunately, they have not fixed it.  I had kept it from deleting the Sims 2 info, but since the newer version came out it no longer allows me to bypass this problem.  I had tried to install the Homecrafter and when it told me Sims 2 was not installed, it triggered my memory.  Prior to this, I had to keep upgrading or repairing my Sims 2 install.   Hopefully, this info will help someone else.
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