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New Meshes

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  1. Animated Windmills, a Large Decorative Windmill and a Tractor

    Both meshes are from TS3 and converted to work with TS2.
    Animated versions of the windmills require Mansions and Gardens, as they also reduce the utility bills for Sims.
    The tractor and decorative version of the windmill should not require any expansions.
    Animated Windmills are found under Decorative/Miscellaneous
         Small Version is priced at 1200.
         Medium Version is priced at 1750.
         Large version is priced at 2000.
    The decorative items are found under Decorative Sculpture.
         Tractor is priced at 4750.
          Deco Windmill is priced at 2000.
    All items are recolorable.





  2. Updated - Pickable Flowers

    These were created thanks to a request from Alet!  Thanks Alet, this was a fantastic idea!
    There are three different flowers and each one is found under hobbies/misc for $25.
    Children may water the flowers, but only adults may pick them.  The plants are based off the money tree, similar to my harvestable corn.  
    Sims gain fun, enthusiasm for nature and creativity skills, when picking and watering the flowers.
    Child watering:

    Water, water many and pick options for each flower:

    Picking, Sims will pick one flower at a time, and place it in their basket.

    When Sims finish picking each flower group they will have a basket of flowers added to their inventory.

    The basket maybe either sold or used to create an arrangement in a large or small variation.

    Large and Small Flower Arrangements.

    Flowers are not recolorable, but the vase which was created by Alet is.
    Credits to macarossi for the foxglove and lupin meshes and textures.  Her flowers are found by clicking here.
    Credits to Alet for the idea and for her vase which is used for all the flower arrangements. 
    Thanks to Alet and LilSister for testing and ideas for additions.  




  3. Kinley Bunk Beds - Mesh by Hope

    I've had a few request for this set of bunk bed to be posted. Hope Bayler has retired and gave me permission to post her creations.
    I did do a lot of work on this set, the original files had a lot of BHAVS that were never called, and other miscellaneous unnecessary items. I also made some changes to her mesh.
    The top bunk is use able, but the Sims get into the top bunk to access it by way of the bottom bunk, (you do need to click the top mattress for them to use it) then they snap up to the top bunk.
    I want to thank Hope for allowing me to post her creations.
    The top bed and frame are $600 and the bottom mattress is $5 both are found under Beds. I set the comfort and energy to approximately 10, by way of the BCONs.




  4. Muralist's Delight - 4-Tile Wide Painting

    Posted 14 November 2008 - 02:08 AM
    Good Morning, To All,
    Today I have a "Full Wall" Painting for your Sims and for you to enjoy. I made this painting over a 1.5 years ago and had posted it at SMB, so some of you may already have that version. This is a newer version of the mesh and it is now exclusive to SS2. You may want to redownload it and the picture packages to replace the older versions. The second image, the blue one, is the mesh image. Environment rating is 3 (I think) and cost $3000. Some of the recolor packages can be found here.
    Thank you All for your support,
    Special Recolor Tips: Start with an image that is 1024x768 and, with an image processing program, resize it (do not crop) to 1024x512 (widthxheight). It will look a little squashed down, but will stretch back out once it is applied to the mesh. The reason for this is that SimPE does not effectively handle an image size of 768. The frame size takes an image that is 1024x512. Also, the image size of 1024x768 is easier to find, since that is the size of most computer screen wallpaper. If you have any questions, just ask me.
    Poly Counts
    Very Low Poly
    Games Needed
    Base Game Compatible through FreeTime
    UVMapper Classic
    Google Images




  5. Animated Owl w/Custom Sound

    The Owl is found with sculptures for $125.
    The OMS is found under Surfaces/Misc for $0
    This has options to allow you to turn on/off both the animations and the sound.





  6. Craftmeister Toddler Pine Bed - Requested

    February 21, 2011 - Updated to allow Adults to tuck in Toddlers

    This works exactly like my princess 2-tile bed.

    The toddler animations are not perfect but are the best I could seem to accomplish. I did raw edits to add facial expressions and toddler laugh to the child animations. The relax animations are new animations that I created.

    This is found with regular beds for $50. All textures are pulled from the EA version of this bed, any recolors you may have for the EA version of the pine bed will also work for this bed.

    To view the animations please see this video:
    Note: the empty 3rd tile had to be left in, but may be used for other items. The only problem is it can't intersect with walls.

    For more information please read my thread on the 2-tile Princess Bed by clicking here

    I want to thank Nonni for testing, requesting this, and for providing the following images:




  7. Farm Stuff Misc. Themed Collection

    Posted 20 March 2008 - 12:58 AM
    It has been mentioned by a few people that they could not find these objects so they could relink to them. So I am uploading them here for their convenience and for your pleasure.
    I hope you enjoy them,
    Poly Counts
    Butter Churn: Vertices=328, Facets=480
    Milk Bucket: Vertices=637, Facets=830
    Wagon Wheel: Vertices=1194, Faces=1034
    Bale of Hay: Vertices=152, Facets=170
    3-Stack Bales of Hay: Vertices=448, Facets=506
    Grain Sacks: Vertices=180, Facets=336
    Games Needed
    Base Game Compatible
    EP Compatible through Seasons
    UV Mapper Classic
    MS Paint
    Smithycpl - Lantern shown in last picture
    Milk Puddle shown in picture found here


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  8. Toddler N Child Wading Pool

    Updated: Added a version to give toddlers and children body skills, per request from Nonni...Thanks Nonni!
    I created this quite awhile ago and have a request for a link to it from my youtube video.




  9. One Tile Free Time Cribs and Changing Table - FT Required

    Posted 14 May 2008 - 06:35 PM



    I have converted the EA Free Time Cribs and Changing Table to a one tile version for those of you that have smaller house holds.
    The are found under General/Child.
    I have also posed a fix for my one tile crib with dust ruffle, I fixed coding errors and added the railing morphs.  Click Here
    Be sure to download Inge's "NANNY FIX for FT and CUSTOM OBJECTS" Click Here
    Games Needed
    Free Time




  10. Childrens Functional Kitchen Set

    This is something I created in 2009, but had never posted it on this site, and because someone is asking for it I am posting it.
    February 23, 2009 - Added Pink and Blue Recolors per request from gaiserlisa.
    February 18, 2009 - Added stove for Free Time (also works with Apartment Life) to give enthusiasm for cuisine also gives some fun while cooking. The cooking action isn't long so they don't get a lot.
    Note: Be sure to only install one of the stove meshes. The main file contains the non free time version, so please be sure to delete that.
    I don't know if many of you remember the kitchen set from the 60's, well back then sets were made of metal and heavy cardboard to look like our parents sets. Today they are made of plastic and not as realistic.
    I've had this on my list of things to do for quite sometime but hadn't figured out quite how to do it. The child animations use a stool for full size items which is very hard to get around. I've edited the EA adult animations with the animations tools wes_h created, and made 100's of manual edits for the sink animations. The animations are not perfect, especially the left arm animations. If these imperfections bother you please don't download.
    All items are found under Miscellaneous/Child priced from $100 to $150.
    Placement must be fridge, stove then the sink in order for them to fit nicely together.

    You Tube Video




  11. New Dining table and chairs, endtable, desk and dresser.

    I'm learning to mesh, but real life is keeping me away from anything sims. From this weekend on I will be even more busy and won't be able to get online much.
    Nonni gave me a real talk over :o/> ;D and told me I should upload what I did before I go away to help my daughter with the new baby (who will arrive about the 26th of this month if it's God's will). So here is some of the stuff I made. It's just ordinary stuff but I had much fun while learning to create them.
    Dining table and chairs:

    Endtable and one tile Dresser:

    This desk is a wall counterdesk - quite a space saver :)/>

    A very special THANK YOU to Nonni, Beck and Pet for encouraging and supporting me. And of course I can do nothing without my Saviour - all the glory to Him.
    Happy simming!




  12. Playable Girl N Boy Dolls - Toddler Hair - Several Recolors

    Posted 05 January 2009 - 10:29 PM

    More dolls to add to your collection, plus matching Hair Style for Toddlers Only - Binned and 3 Dress Recolors
    Found under Misc/Child for $49.
    Head and Face texture is separate from the body section texture, this gives you more recolor option except you want to keep the skin colors of the face the same as the body. Most of my recolors use the light skin, 1 uses the dark skin. All mesh parts are by Maxis as are most of the textures. I may add more recolors later.
    This is my first Hair mesh and hair recolors and maybe my last hair meshing is not easy to do at all. I think the only thing I've found to be harder is the custom sound. I realize the mesh isn't anything spectacular but I wanted the doll and toddlers to have matching hair. I actually only reshaped the EA shorter version.
    Be sure to watch the video, the singing is by my 3-year-old grandson, you may not think it's as adorable, as I do but I could not resist adding it.
    I have tested the hair and dolls with the base game only installed and they work perfectly.
    All recolors are included with each mesh file, except the toddler dress recolors - these do require Free Time *just the dress recolors.
    I hope some of you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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  13. Guardian Angels

    "Angel of God, my guardian dear
    To whom God's love commits me here;
    Ever this day be at my side,
    To light and guard, to rule and guide."

    Two guardian angels dedicated to my good friend, Joshua, who was recently involved in a very serious automobile accident. Being near death, we thought we would lose him, but with many prayers and his guardian angels by his side, he has made a truely miraculous recovery.
    These are converted meshes that I altered in Milkshape to my liking. The original standing angel was missing her right hand so I made her a new one and the kneeling angel was extremely oversized so I reduced her down to match the standing angel's scale. I also added a base to the standing angel to match the base on the kneeling angel. Finally, I made a mirrored version of each angel and slaved them to the originals
    The Standing Guardian Angel

    Faces: 3017
    Appears in the catalog under Decorative/Sculptures for 400 Simoleons
    The Kneeling Guardian Angel

    Faces: 3652
    Appears in the catalog under Decorative/Sculptures for 400 Simoleons
    Both angels are recolorable and the download includes 4 recolors of each.





  14. Little Stepping Stones Four Variations to Play With

    Posted 08 April 2008 - 02:44 AM
    Hello Everyone,
    These are some stepping stones I originally had posted at SMB, so this will be their new home.
    There are four variations:
    V1 is a set of four per tile - $5
    V2 is a set of two per tile - $3
    V3 is a set of two offset per tile - $3
    V4 is a single stone per tile - $2
    The offset version can be placed in four different directions for more decorating choices. If you use the 'boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false' cheat, the single ones can be put in a meandering pattern as well. Each rar file contains the mesh and three recolors.
    I hope you like them,
    Poly Counts
    V1: Vertices=395, Facets=384
    V2&V3: Vertices=199, Facets=192
    V4: Vertices=101, Facets=96
    Games Needed
    Base Game Compatible
    UVMapper Classic
    MS Paint




  15. Baby Stroller

    Updated February 10, 2009 - I've redone the mesh and re-coded the item to allow toddler and infants only to be on the place in menu. I've also reduce the poly count.
    There has been no reported problems using this for toddlers.
    This stroller was requested by blondieluvspink.
    As with my other infant/toddler items it seems that there they will work sometimes for infants. They always work for toddlers. I have not found what causes these to only work occasionally for infants.
    When your not able to put infants in try to re-position the item sometimes this helps.
    Textures are pulled from the high chair. To recolor please recolor the maxis high chair.




  16. Little Ones Desk and Chair set Plain Desk and Chair allowing more texture options

    Posted 29 November 2009 - 08:46 PM
    One of my friends was having trouble applying a picture to the Round Tuit desk, so I offered to make a plain set without the inlays. The mesh is textured in a white wood as it stands now and can be used just as is. You are welcome to texture it if you please. I do my best to map for the textures and to make it simple to use, so if you are having trouble just let me know.
    Thank you for your support - you guys are great!
    Poly Counts
    Facets = 384 each
    Vertices = 335 each
    EPs/SPs Needed? Which ones?
    Base Game compatible, no EPs/SPs required
    UV Mapper Classic
    MS Paint


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  17. Old Style Cook Stove

    December 13, 2013 Added taller pipe version. and changed the smaller pipe version to no longer have the heavy smoke effect, and added a bump file to both versions.

    Thanks to Nonni for the purchase of this mesh by by kostula  @turbosquid.com.
    I have coded this stove to only allows Sims to cook items that may be cooked on the top of the stove, as there isn't an oven.

    I have added an outside pipe and the plate around the pipe, but the majority of the mesh is Kostula's, I have also, added smoke effects.   

    I have also, added a warm self option, which does give the Sims some warmth, for ages child and up.


    It is found under the stove category for 350 simoleons.
    There is one texture recolor included, but they are really quite similar.
    Credits to:  Nonni, Kostula, and Sophi-David for his effect found on MTS, which gave me some ideas.




  18. Four functional pedestals with five recolors for each....

    Posted 03 July 2007 - 01:22 AM
    Hi all,
    I'm back again for the moment, with a project that I started before I left for a while. These are the pedestals that I've been working on. They don't do anything special other than serving as a table for decorations to sit on, but I just feel like there are not enough pedestals for all the tabletop statues that are out there. LOL Anyway, I hope you all like these.
    Found under and tables for $200
    Warning: Pedestal 1 of this collection is super high face count. It has more faces than all three of the others combined. 2033 faces! I thought it was cool so I left it with this collection. It caused no slow down in my game but may cause slow down in older computers. Face counts for the other three are 549, 228, and 522.
    If you all like these uploads, feel free to leave a comment.
    Please review my policy on uploading and recoloring of my objects if you intend to recolor these or upload these at another site.


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  19. Harvestable Corn

    This is a clone of the money tree, which would not import into MilkShape so I was not able to use the same joints, I created my own, but they maybe way off, in their settings. The animations are the same as the money tree also.

    When you purchase the stalk it does come with five corn, I would prefer to have them grow after so many watering, but I haven't had the time to change this option. I am just grateful that I finally got it to work at all.    This is found under deco/plants for $10.

    A basket of corn will appear which is somewhat similar to my egg gathering basket, but I did not have it add the ears of corn individually, mainly to save myself time. The corn will sell for $30 each group of 5, or you may add it to your fridge to increase your food value.

    Credits to Raynuss for his great mesh, and for allowing me to use it. Echo for her coding skills...without her I would never have been able to create many of my creations.




  20. Placemat Tablecloth - University required

    Posted 21 February 2008 - 06:51 AM I created this for Sierra per her request at the Insimenator site.

    I've cloned Echos doormat to allow it to be placed pretty much anywhere. It is designed to fit a table.

    I've also included a few recolors.


    Games Needed
    EP 2 - Universioty




  21. Childs Sized Functional Table and Chairs

    After creating my kitchen set I decided it was not complete without a child size table and chairs. It took some doing to get it working but I finally got it.
    I wanted children to be able to have their dolls sit with them at the table like I did as a child, so I created an extra partial chair to allow this. No cheats are need to place the extra slot portion of the chair, but it is a little confusing. Please see the video to understand how it works.
    For placing the slot you should place it first then place the actual chair. Go to live mode so the chair and slot move up to the table then place the doll. You may have to press the m key to move the doll to the proper slot.
    If no table is used with the chair you may place the slot, chair then the doll without going to live mode.
    The chair pulls textures from the EA Tea Time Chair and the table pulls textures from the Ample King table. Both base game items. I used all the table textures to create matching chair textures plus created matching colors to my kitchen set. So you have several recolor options that not only work for my set but also work for the EA Table and Chair.
    This set does not require any expansions and I have tested it with base game only installed and all expansions installed.
    Please watch the video to see how to place the item for use with dolls and bears.
    The chairs are in with regular dining chairs and the table is under dining tables.
    Additional Credits:
    Hope Bayler for the retro kitchen set :Click Here
    Thanks to all that have helped make this a caring and sharing community.




  22. Bedding Match Bedroom Items All item pull textures from the maxis bedding

    Posted 16 October 2007 - 12:26 AM

    I believe one thing you can find the most recolors for is the Maxis Bedding. I also think it is the easiest thing to learn to recolor. This set will give you lots of recolor options and use very little space in your download directory. Because all items included use the repository technique to pull textures from the maxis bedding and any recolors of maxis bedding.

    Set includes:
    Double bed - toddler can sleep in, relax on, daydream, make the bed, and jump on it. The jump on bed option is non autonomous and may cause an error if toddlers jump for very long. If you do not know how to use the object error, I do not recommend that you use the jump on bed option. I considered leaving it out all together but it's just so cute to watch them jump on it.  It's found under Seating/Beds for $3000.
    Sofa Bed - I've added a sleep option. I always get more rest sleeping for 15 minute to half hour, then I do sleeping all night sometimes. So why shouldn't my Sims? I did not change the catalog reference to reflect this because the nap option is still only 2. The sleep option is set a littler higher than 12 energy. It increases 0x064 per hour for those that understand the codes. Found under Seating/Sofas for $1700.
    3x4 Rug Requires Night Life EP and is found under Deco/Rugs for $75.
    End Tables 2 versions One pulls the textures from the sheets for the top and quilt for the bottom. The second is the reverse options. I believe this is base game compatible. Surfaces/Endtable for $100, no depreciation.
    Vanity - Requires Seasons and is found under Surfaces/Misc for $500 no depreciation.

    Recliner - Is found under Seating/Recreation for $470 and does not depreciate. This should be base game compatible.
    Desk - Is found under surfaces/desks for $500. This should be base game compatible.
    Chair - requires celebrations stuff pack. It is found under seating/diningroom for $100. This chair is the same one posted Here . If you already downloaded it you don't need it again.
    Curtain - Is found under deco/curtains $150.
    Some of the toddler items you may see in pics will be posted as soon as I get that set completed.




  23. Workout Mat

    Another item I found in our request area, this is a request from TheNinthWave and I did feel this was something that would be useful for period lots, where they wouldn't have a TV.
    This works similar to the TV workout and does require FreeTime and Seasons. If someone wants it for lower expansion...please let me know.
    Textures are pulled from EA bedding "sheets" not the blanket or quilt. It is found in with exercise equipment for $325.
    I have included an invisible recolor of bedding, to give you an invisible recolor for the mat.
    Thank-you to everyone who tested this and for all of their input to help make this a better creation. Special thanks to Heather and Nonni for their extensive testing.


    Invisible texture:



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  24. Becks Fixed Simplanx-Antiquities Living Room and Mission Mouse Recolours

    Rebecah was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule to fix the Livingroom Set that goes with the Antiquities Bedroom set from SimplanX.  We discussed this set and decided to also include the beautiful recolours done by the original creator, as her site is now closed.  They are included with the mesh files as are the walls and floors for the Antiquities Set.  Rebecah added the cushion morphs and fixed some issues with the chair, loveseat and sofa.  She also made the sofa and loveseat pull their textures from the chair to eliminate the need for extra recolors files.  The chair is the master to the sofa and loveseat.
    Sofa is found under seating sofas for $1450.
    Loveseat is found under seating sofas for $750.
    Chair is found under seating living chairs for $629.
    Cabinet is found under surfaces/coffee tables for $240.
    Coffee Table is found under surfaces/coffee tables for $240.
    End Table is found under surfaces/end tables for $65.
    As with the recolours I did for the Bedroom Set, there are the same patterns in this set, all 133 of them. The curtains are part of the Bedroom Set, so you will need that set, for the curtains to show up for this set.  This set is particularly perfect for textured fabric images, they seem to show so much better and this one was an absolute joy to do.  I hope you like the set and the recolours and that your Sims are happy as well.
    May the Blessings of Christmas be granted to one and all.
    I would also like to thank each and everyone who has downloaded my recolours. Since I am new to this, it is a wonderful feeling to have people like what I am learning to do. Thank you all very much.  A special thank you to Rebecah who taught me how to recolour, and to my family here at Affinity who have been so supportive and encouraging.
     Glory to our Lord who has given me this new skill to share with others.
    Note you will need the bedroom set for the curtain which is found by clicking here or you may click the link added under the download button.




  25. Cooking Exhaust Hood with light New Mesh and recolors

    Posted 19 October 2007 - 04:37 PM
    It's a new mesh the "Cooking Exhaust Hood".
    This item will look good in any kitchen.
    I also made the bottom with a inox filter, so it would look as realistic as possible.
    I included 11 recolors also in this upload so you can match it to whatever kitchen you like to build.
    These 2 where made some time ago. (cooking hood recolors.rar)
    These 9 i just made today. (all 9 cooking hood recolors.rar)
    However feel free to recolor it yourself to your liking, but do not include my meshes in your upload if you plan to share them!
    This works for all game versions!
    It costs ?250 and you find it in lightning/wall lamps.
    Polygon Counts:
    faces: 188 - Vertices: 229
    Have fun with this item!




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