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  1. Baby Stroller

    Updated February 10, 2009 - I've redone the mesh and re-coded the item to allow toddler and infants only to be on the place in menu. I've also reduce the poly count.
    There has been no reported problems using this for toddlers.
    This stroller was requested by blondieluvspink.
    As with my other infant/toddler items it seems that there they will work sometimes for infants. They always work for toddlers. I have not found what causes these to only work occasionally for infants.
    When your not able to put infants in try to re-position the item sometimes this helps.
    Textures are pulled from the high chair. To recolor please recolor the maxis high chair.




  2. Nonni's Smoke Alarms in Disguise

    This is a dream come true for me. I really wanted some pretty smoke alarms for my Living Room, Den or Bedroom. Thanks to Beck and Alet and the hours of patient help, the smoke alarms are finally done.




    I have all the EPs and SPs for The Sims 2
    Big Hugs to Beck and Alet!
    I was inspired by the disguised smoke alarms done here and here by Michelle.
    Special thanks to my Lord,
    who is the Greatest Creator of all!




  3. Waterfall - Shower - Cool Down - BV Required

    I have converted Marvin's Waterfall, made it smaller, added tiles to keep Sims from walking through it, added coding to allow placement on water, without having to use cheats, removed the water mesh, and I set the Sims to change into their swimwear for taking a shower, rather then their being nude outdoors . I loved Marvin's waterfall, but my Sims do not like walking on the unlevel tiles. Hopefully you will find this version easier to use.


    This waterfall requires that you have Marvin's Waterfall in your download folder, as I have used the repository technique to pull her textures. Which I felt was only fair because I used her mesh, and options to create this waterfall. Plus, you might want to download her rocks for additional effects. Click Here
    Any recolors you might have for Marvin's waterfall will also work for this waterfall.
    When you place this the tile behind the waterfall needs to be flat, in order to use the shower or cool down option.
    This is found under Plumbing/Misc for $10.




  4. Kinley Bunk Beds - Mesh by Hope

    I've had a few request for this set of bunk bed to be posted. Hope Bayler has retired and gave me permission to post her creations.
    I did do a lot of work on this set, the original files had a lot of BHAVS that were never called, and other miscellaneous unnecessary items. I also made some changes to her mesh.
    The top bunk is use able, but the Sims get into the top bunk to access it by way of the bottom bunk, (you do need to click the top mattress for them to use it) then they snap up to the top bunk.
    I want to thank Hope for allowing me to post her creations.
    The top bed and frame are $600 and the bottom mattress is $5 both are found under Beds. I set the comfort and energy to approximately 10, by way of the BCONs.




  5. Medieval Peasant Tub

    This is my first conversion from TSM to TS2. Hope some of you enjoy it.
    It does look strange when the water fills for taking baths, but I didn't want to add any plumbing to take away from the look of the mesh.
    I just got the game this last weekend, I really do not care much for the game itself, but I did like this tub.

    Here's a link in case you'd like to check it out:


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  6. Medieval Table and Chair Set

    March 28, 2012 - I have made changes to the 3 tile table, the chairs, and lowered the price of the two tile table to 200 simoleons.
    March 10, 2012 - I have added a single tile table and a three tile table, along with a few new recolors today.
    Thanks to Destiny Rider for finding these free meshes, I have converted them for Sims 2, because I thought they made a beautiful set.
    The chair is found under chairs for $250 and the table is a dining table for $550.
    All items pull their textures from the two tile table.



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  7. Diamant Dove - Requested

    Majin_Tenshi requested this little bird yesterday, and I want to thank her for her request and her in game image.
    The final versions tail is longer then the one in her image, but I had to share her in game image. She is so sweet and very gracious. It warms my heart to make someone happy.

    This if found under Decorative/Sculptures for $500.




  8. Invisible Shower - University Required

    I created this per a request from my dear friend Nonni, and in celebration of her birthday tomorrow.
    This is found under Plumbing/Tubs & Showers for $125.
    It is not a recolor. The shower is invisible, but all water effects still work.


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  9. Sign that allows you to purchase trash

    I have created a sign to purchase 3 trash types and the ashes. It's found under Misc/Misc for $1.
    Thanks to suzannesugarbaker for the request.




  10. Wheelchair for all ages

    I created these a few years ago in response to a request on SS2, and I don't believe I ever posted them in the download area. So here they are thanks to a request here by raynuss.
    The dining chair version is under dining chairs for $1,100 and the toddler versions are under misc/child.




  11. Cradle - Requested

    I created this per request from RebecahaRocks. (of course I had to just because of her nick) ROFL
    This works just like a regular crib. Textures for the bed portion pull textures from the regular crib, all recolors you have for the cheap crib will work with this cradle. The tripod and screening are one texture, that is recolorable. I have included 6 different textures for the tripod and screen.
    This is found under Miscellaneous/Children for $125.
    Request Image:




  12. Toddler N Child Wading Pool

    Updated: Added a version to give toddlers and children body skills, per request from Nonni...Thanks Nonni!
    I created this quite awhile ago and have a request for a link to it from my youtube video.




  13. Nonni's Cafe Curtains

    Update! If you downloaded these before 3:00 PM PST April 27th 2013 - there has been a change in the file. Beck has made the set usable together without cheats.
    I wanted a very simple looking curtain and I asked MaAlet to make it for me and she asked why I did not do it myself? Because I had just finished with tweaking Sunni's Deco Chimney, so Alet said that I knew enough to make the curtains.
    I took the Maxis' Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtains apart, moved some stuff, stretched some stuff but there were problems with the cloning in SimPE. Thanks to Rebecah for correcting these problems and also making it possible for me to recolor the curtains.
    Going back to the beginning to show you why I wanted to make changes in the Maxis curtain:

    Also, I wanted the options of having just a Valance or just a Curtain.


    Some times I want to use them together and Beck has made that possible without the use of cheats!

    I also wanted to have a double sized set:

    So there are 4 parts to this set.
    Here is a swatch of the recolors that I made:

    I hope that you will enjoy these and join with me in thanking Alet for her encouragement, Rebecah for her patience and technical help. I am grateful to those folks who created SimPE and Milkshape, also.
    We want it all to bring honor to Our Creator. Thanks be to God for all His Gracious gifts.
    I feel like I need to add that I have all the TS2 EPs and SPs.




  14. Re-size of Sunni's Deco Chimneys

    From the day that Sunni uploaded her Decorative Chimneys on June 10th, 2011 at Plumb Bob Keep, I have loved them more than I can express. There was a tiny little problem and it took me 14 months to get the courage to try to tweak the size and position so that the tiny little problem was covered. I have been working on this project for 6 months or more.

    Let me illustrate the tiny little problem for you. this was Before Resizing:

    This after resizing:

    This is what they look like on a house:

    Here are Sunni's Textures:

    These chimneys are purely decor items found in the Buy Mode Catalog for 11 Simoleans.

    You need to use 'moveobjects on' to place them in a lot.

    You must also have Sunni's Master DecoChimney #1 in order for the resized chimneys to have a texture and not flash blue (they would be naked, that is why they flash ).

    Deco chimney 1: 294 Faces, 420 Vertices

    Deco chimney 2: 294 Faces, 420 Vertices

    Deco chimney 3: 294 Faces, 452 Vertices

    Deco chimney 4: 334 Faces, 488 Vertices

    Deco chimney 5: 334 Faces, 498 Vertices

    Deco chimney 6: 374 Faces, 531 Vertices

    Deco chimney 7: 414 Faces, 560 Vertices

    Let me remind you once again that these chimneys are Slaved to sunni9676-Chimney1 that is included with my package but you can see all of her chimneys here.

    Big Thanks to Alet for her incredible patience and love (she has to be a saint to put up with my whining and the gnashing of my teeth). While we were on Skype together, MaAlet worked with me for, gosh, it must have been hours and hours.

    Lots of Hugs and Kisses to Beck who gave Alet a break and helped me with explanations, examples and encouragement through PMs.

    Sunni is owed so much gratitude for her generosity, care and many kindnesses.

    Special smooch for Jon, TheNinthWave, who first started tutoring me in resizing (I was a very silly student).

    Programs used:


    Ultimately my greatest Praise and Adoration belong to God, my Creator, Redeemer and Friend. Thanks be to God!




  15. Nonni's Sink

    Nonni's Sink

    Part of Original Nursery Set by jusfels
    who has graciously given consent for me to remove the deco items and allowing me to recolor.

    Here it is newly remeshed:

    Found in Plumbing under Sinks
    Cost = 47 Simoleons
    Polycount = 708
    I have many thanks to give:
    To Rebecah for helping with a shadow issue and for fixing the file texture so that I could recolor cabinet as well as the sink.
    I will always be in your debt for your help and encouragement.
    Beck also said to tell you:
    To MaAlet Lots of Hugs and Kisses
    for her sweet and calm tutoring me in how to mesh in Milkshape, even while holding an active 8 month old grand daughter on her lap.
    Some of the textures are ones that I found and modified but many thanks To Eva/eefje00704 for sharing her collection of textures.
    Above All
    I give Honor and Praise to my Creator for His Wondrous Love.




  16. Rideable White Tiger

    Posted 27 June 2008 - 10:49 PM

    This was requested by Tish85...Thanks for the request Tish.
    It works like my other rideable items except this time I made all options non autonomous.
    Please be sure to face the tigers head towards the north for Sims to ride correctly.

    This is found under Hobbies/Exercise Equipment. Sims gain body skills when riding it, fun and fitness too.
    Games Needed
    Base Game




  17. Medieval Oil Lamp

    This lamp is a resize and recolor of NixNivis' Vulcan Meditation Lamp.
    I wish to thank her for her permission and blessing
    on this beginner's attempt of mine.
    It is a functioning light found in lighting/misc for 5 simoleans.
    Thanks be to God for all His Provisions
    and for the help of patient friends. 😘
    plus Special little thank you note to these ladies:
    Thanks to Sunni for helping me get SimPE working.
    Thanks to heget for guiding me through correcting the "shiny" bit in SimPE.
    Thanks to Eva for clarification of functioning light vs. candle.
    No expansions required.




  18. Assignable Bed - Updated and Fixed

    I have created this in response to a request from Sunnyblue.  Thank you for your request Sunnyblue!
    The original was created by Inge Jones, a fantastic creator, who has contributed many great things to the Sims community.
    The original was not pulling the bedding textures, and needed to be updated, and due to it's popularity I felt it was something worthy of the update.
    Credits to Inge Jones for the coding and the original idea, and to Sunnyblue for her request.




  19. HL Pleated Drape Fix and Recolors

    These curtains were originally converted from Sims 3 to Sims 2 by Huge Lunatic, I have repaired some issues with the files and added the bump map to the texture, which does not make a huge difference, but I did add it.  All existing recolors will still work with this version, but you must be sure to remove the copies you may have by HL.  
    Issues fixed:
    The global setting was incorrect in the main curtain file, which is a bug in simpe, unnecessary sound files were included in both files, and some empty pie menus, were removed.  
    I have created 4 recolors to go with my fixed Holy Simoley Bette Sofa Set, which maybe downloaded
    These curtains are found under Deco/Curtain for $400.




  20. Wooden Pool Ladder And Diving Board

    I had a request from Nonni for some wooden pool accessories. These are found in build mode under pools.
    All joints have been assigned properly.
    Textures are pulled from the base game dresser in the images. To recolor both the ladder and diving board you have to recolor the Chesterstick Cherry dresser.





  21. Wooded Saw Horse - Requested

    Posted 29 July 2008 - 07:49 PM
    This was requested by fghyu, I tried to get it as close to his/her request photo as I could.
    Request Image:

    Finished Item:

    It's found under sculptures for $1000. I cloned the $4000 vase from the base game.
    Games Needed
    Base Game




  22. Golden Cross

    Posted 05 October 2007 - 12:53 AM
    This cross i made as an exclusive here!
    I couldn't think of a better way to say thanks to Rob for building this site, then by making a Golden cross!
    It's a decorative item and you will find it in decorations/wall hangings!
    Price is $2900!
    Polycount: Vertices: 1124 - Faces: 876
    It's a little high but i did much effort in making it as detailed as possible!
    I hope you all will like it!


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  23. Juicer - Seasons

    I created this for Mychelle and Nonni's Medieval project.
    This item requires the Seasons expansion.
    1 recolor included.




  24. Old Fashioned High Chair

    Posted 21 September 2007 - 06:50 PM
    I've wanted a wooded high chair for awhile and finally got around to creating this one. I made it to allow for infants and toddlers.
    It's found under General/Child $25 simoleons.
    I've also included a couple of recolors.




  25. Barrel Outside Trash Can

    Updated - January 25, 2011
    I missed adding an interior mesh, which made the trash can look invisible from the inside. I have now fixed this problem.
    Note: Be sure to delete any older version you might have.
    This trashcan may be used to replace the in game outdoor trash can. You must use the moveobjects on option to delete both the original outside trashcan and this trashcan.
    I have removed the kick can option and the pet options. No more trash laying on your streets.
    This is found under Misc/Misc for $50.
    I have also included a recolor, this is recolorable.
    Base game compatible, this will work with all game combinations.




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