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  1. Rough-It Christmas

    When I created this set, I had our summer Christmas in mind  During the Christmas holiday evenings we would sit outside, enjoying the fresh breeze from the ocean. Here almost everybody has an outdoor as well as indoor barbecue area, and I created this set for that area. To give it the Christmas atmosphere I added the Christmas tree lamps. I hope some of your sims can enjoy a lovely rough-it barbecue Christmas this seasons 
    The set contains the following items:
    It's a recolour of the Maxi counter.
    The seat cost 100 Simoleans and you can find it under Seating/Sofas
    This is a recolour of the Maxis barstool
    The shelf can be find under Surfaces/Shelves and costs 100 Simoleneas
    The lamps you can find under Lightning/Tablelamp for 50 Simoleans each.
    EA for the game
    PhotoFiltre 7
    Petunia Mae Witherbottom for testing and taking pictures after my game broke down. Thank you very much, dearest SiC!
    Most of all to my Creator who gave me the ability to do this.




  2. Mix and Match Sets

    This set is in memory of my beloved prayer partner. I feel incomplete without my dearest Nonni.
    A week before Nonni's passing she asked me to recolour some walls and floors, curtains, rugs and armchairs for her. She wanted mix and match sets for some Maxis bedding as well as for some of her favourite custom bedding. Sadly she never had the chance to send me her bedding textures. I am so sad I can't do ones she really wanted.
    In the pictures I used, as endtable, Rebecah's bedding matching roundtable. I included it in the downloads file.



    Nonni, she always inspired and encouraged me
    My Creator for the ability to do this.




  3. Pierre's Bedroom Set

    Pierre requested his grandmother's bedroom set for The Sims 2.

    Pierre I hope you like this set:

    End tables: (You have to use "moveobjects on" and "boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false" cheats to put the end tables so close to each other)

    Curtain: I cloned Jon's (TheNinthWave) one tile curtain

    Bed and lights:


    The bed is a recolour of the expensive bed in game and I used Beck's Queen Size bed with floor length bedding for the pictures. Both files are included in the downloads file.
    Pierre for the request
    EA for the game
    Jon for his one tile curtain
    Beck for her queen size bed
    My Creator for the ability to do this




  4. Meadow Set

    A While ago Nonni told me she wanted her simmie kiddies to play in the meadow.  That was my inspiration for these kids room deco stuff   Thank you, Nonni!
    The set consists of:
    6 walls (in category Paint for 5 simoleans)

     4 rugs: (Decorative/Carpets and Rugs for 50 simoleans)
    Cloned from Echo's lovely 3x4 rug

    A Curtain recolour of Beck's fixed Jia OM Curtain mesh (mesh included in package) 
    (In Decoratve/Curtains for 5 simoleans)

    A decal Poster:  (in Decorative/Wall Hangings for 50 Simoleans)

    EA for the game
    Nonni for having her birthday   
    My Creator for the ability to do this 





  5. Disney Princess Nursery Set

    ***UPDATE*** Added alternate gold dress outfit with baby doll outfits in gold outfit download.This is a Disney Princess nursery set, that also includes bedding and curtains, and two pink and gold toddler dresses to go with the baby doll's dress.The set includes two sets of curtains, the Victorian Velvet, and the Veil of Dreams curtains, two toyboxes, one pale pink version of the Castle toy box from Family Fun Stuff, and one Castle one with the Disney Princess design. It has Disney Princess bedding, a crib, a changing table, a highchair, and a potty chair.  There is an activity table that requires Irma's default replacement activity table mesh and Freetime, and a dollhouse that requires Snowstorm's recolorable dollhouse mesh, and the baby doll is Rebecah's baby doll dressed mesh..  All three of the meshes are available for download in the downloads list, as well as a complete Disney Princess set, and the toddler girl outfits and baby doll recolors, which are in their own zip file. I would recommend the full set of recolors for Rebecah's baby doll dressed mesh. All the other objects are base game meshes.
    I changed it where you can download each item separately, as well as a complete furniture set, and also the toddler outfits and doll color sets can be downloaded individually, plus a combo download of the toddler outfit and matching doll sets together. I make everything with the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection bodyshop, and Simpe. The potty chair requires CEP to see the recolors. I actually made two variations of the pink dress to go with the doll's dress, so if you don't want both, just delete the one that you don't want. The dress requires Freetime. 
    Click here to view images




  6. Thomas the Tank Engine Nursery Set

    Here is a new Thomas the Tank Engine nursery set for your babies and toddlers.  There is a toddler train outfit for boys with a matching teddy bear, an activity table, with the default replacement mesh by Irma available as a separate download with my other things in this set. (even if you download the complete set the meshes have to be downloaded separately in this set.) The outfit also requires a mesh by Kalynn. The mesh is also available as a separate download with my other things in this set.
    There is a crib, base game, changing table, base game, high chair, toybox, and potty, also all base game. The curtains are the Victoriana Velvet curtains. The activity table requires freetime. 
    This was a request from my friend Jules, who takes my pictures for me. Thank you Jules
    This was made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection bodyshop and Simpe. The teddy bears are a CEP extra, and the potty chair also requires CEP. 
    The files are available as a complete set for the recolors, with the meshes each available for download separately, and the recolors are also available for download individually as well. 




  7. MissionMouse-BlueBedding&DraperyCollection

    My very first collection of Beddings, Draperies and Jonesi Bed Blanket recolours.
    My favourite colour is blue, so my first collection is blue.
    The necessary meshes are included, Jonesi, from Black Pearl Sims, the beautiful Bed Blanket, our own Rebecah fixed a small glitch and added a new length, and HL at Sims2Artists added a single bed conversion. I am partial to the curtains from XMSims2, bedroom 4 and the beddings have those curtains as well as the base game TieBack Curtains. There are 15 patterns to chose from, just use Clean Installer to delete any you do not want.
    A HUGE "Thank You" to my wonderfully kind and patient teacher, Rebecah, without whom none of this would be possible.




  8. Nonni's Request

    Nonni requested that I uploaded some items I used in the
     Try Your Hand At This - A Maxis Makeover   
    game separately, as most of them are uploaded as part of  lots or large sets .
    In this upload you'll find:
    1. Kids room Flower wall to match the Maxis floor

    2. Green Tulip Wall and Floor set

    3. A Kitchen set: a wall to match Deathkat68's floor tile ( I included this tile in the upload), also counter and kitchen island recolors to match Deathkat's tiles

    4. The kitchen floor tile and wall from my Cream/Peach Set
    5. Wall and Floor to match Nonni's Blueberry Plaid Bedding

    6. Teddybear Walls and Floors.

    Thank you Nonni, I am so glad you enjoyed my stuff   




  9. The Visited Planet

    All files are included in the one zip.




  10. Back to School Mesh Set

    Well it really is in real life time for all students to go back to school, so I thought I would have some fun and create a nice back to school set for your sims!
    Included is a decorative globe, a decorative chalkboard, and a decorative apple for teacher. There are 2 recolors of the chalkboard, and 2 recolors of the apple. The globe is unlike regular hanging decorations in that it is NOT effected by object hiding, it was cloned from something that does not hide when you zoom the camera out, so you don't have to worry about that! The apple mesh is taken from the in game apple from the apple tree, but made into a decorative only item. The other meshes were made by me. The textures for the globe, and chalkboard were taken from bing image search. The texture of the chalkboard trim, and globe string was made by me, apple texture of course is from the in-game apple.
    Meshes info:
    Poly Counts:
    Apple for Teacher:




  11. Beachcomber By The Sea Mesh Set

    Included is a dining chair, a dining table, a one tile desk, a two tile desk, and an end table.
    All of the meshes are recolorable. Feel free to include them in lots. All of the meshes are base game compatible.
    Poly Counts:
    Dining Table, End Table, One Tile Desk, and Two Tile Desk:
    Dining Chair:




  12. Baseball Bedroom Sets

    I created this set over three years ago and was working to convert it to a Sims 3, I ended up redoing most of the meshes and textures. If you have my old set please delete it before installing this one as it will cause conflicts.
    There are 60 files in total, plus I created a collection file which I highly recommend that you download and install to your collection directory.
    Thanks so much to MaAlet for testing files! :)/>
    Double Bats Wall/Floor Sculpture - Poly - 624 $35 Pulls textures from Baseball Bat Clutter
    Single Baseball Bat Clutter Poly - 312 $15 Recolor Weathered Wood
    Single Baseball Bat Wall/Floor Sculpture - Poly - 312 $15 Pulls textures from Baseball Bat Clutter
    Book Shelf - Poly - 1510 - $100 (Sims 3 deco only) Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey
    Desk - Poly - 856 - $500 found with desks Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey
    Dresser - Poly - 2169 $500 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey
    End Table - Poly - 635 $125 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey
    Floor Lamp - Poly - 924 $100 Recolor Weathered Wood
    Baseball Helmet Sculpture - Poly - 575 $35 3 Recolors Red, Green, and Grey
    Baseball Cluter - Poly - 960 - $10
    Single Bed - Poly - 3040 $600 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey
    Table Lamp Poly - 1302 $45 Recolor Weathered Wood
    Toddler Arm Chair Poly - 1508 $50 Recolors Red and Green (required for sofa textures to work)
    Toddler End Table Poly - 1134 $25
    Toddler Bed Poly - 3002 $140 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey
    Toddler Energy Chair Poly - 1050 $50 pulls textures from EA dining chair (3 Recolors included)
    Toddler Sofa Poly - 1516 $75 Pulls textures from toddler Arm Chair
    Toybox - Poly - 2530 $50 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey
    Oval Rug Mesh - Poly - 216 $25 2 Recolors
    Sims 2 only 4 carpet 3 wallpapers
    Curtain 2 recolors




  13. Property of Jesus Shirts For the whole family

    Posted 05 March 2008 - 02:04 AM

    Hello Everyone,
    Here are some shirts that I recolored a while back (a prime example of why I'm a mesher, not a clothing creator, LOL) and attempted to upload to MTS2, but they were rejected. Well, anyway, someone contacted me on MTS2 the other day and asked me to upload them here, so here they are!
    These shirts sport the "Property of Jesus" logo (after all, we are His children!) and there is a shirt for every type of sim - all the way from Toddler (not pictured) to Adult.

    I honestly do not remember the EP requirements - so if anyone finds that it doesn't work with a certain EP, please let me know.


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  14. Fresh Floral Set ~ 8 items! build and buy modes (recolors)

    Posted 16 March 2008 - 10:00 PM
    "Fresh Floral" set.


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  15. The Leafy Collection (I went nuts in SimPe)

    OK, I went a bit nuts and started putting leaves on everything! What you have in this set is:
    wall 3 floors - 1 design but 1x1, 2x2, and 5x5 door counter (cupboard) sink curtains drapes towels on rack painting (Lady on Red recolored) shower with shower curtain toilet I think all the items are base game, no EPs needed. If I am mistaken, holler and I will edit.
    The Reflection Floor is NOT included here - credit to Murano Mobilia for the Reflection Floors in the pictures.
    The bathtub in the pictures is the Super Bathtub and is NOT included because it's a modified object, but it can be found here: Super Bathtub


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