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  1. 50's Style Toddler Dress

    This is a retro style dress for our little toddler girls. A mesh by SnowStorm is included.  Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Bodyshop. 


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  2. Pale Pink Lace Toddler Dress

    This is a pale pink lace dress for a little girl toddler I made the other day. I used a mesh I got from a Hedgekat download.  It is one of Snow Storm's meshes.
    Made with Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.




  3. 4 Toddlers Outfits

    Here is a new upload,a re-make of my very first upload.The mesh was created with the big help from Rebecah,without her these would not work in game.Thanks also to krehata from MTS,the jeans textures are modified from her originally textures.Credits:Again,big thanks to Rebecah,who helped me a lotHave a happy and lucky 2014!!!
    Yes this is the first upload of 2014!




  4. Toddler girl tops and leggings

    These are six little girl outfits I made. There's Minnie, Sesame Street,Totally Cute in Camo, a blue "No" one, Princess, and Boston Red Sox outfits. They all use the same mesh, which is available as a separate download in the downloads list. It is Bloom's maxis blockfoot fix toddler mesh. 
    I made these with the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection bodyshop. 




  5. Martie McElwain

    This is Martie McElwain
    He was born in a TS2 game with all EPs and SPs
    He is not spectacularly cute but he is appealing in his own way. He is very good-natured and happily builds skill as he plays. He also enjoys exploring his environment. There is not much that gets by his little peepers. If you think that you would like to adopt him into your game he grows up as an attractive adult Sim.
    In game pictures:


    Adult appearance:

    Thanks to all the wonderful creators whose skills have made this Sim possible.
    And to the one Creator, our Lord God, who gives me inspiration and pleasure in my game...Thanks!




  6. Trillis Whistler

    Most of the story of Trillis begins with a tragedy involving her mom, Trix (which is short for Trixillian) from Bikir. Their home world of Bikir was waging war against Earth to colonize and subjugate humans. Those humans that were compliant became slaves (these humans were used for labor, cruel entertainment, scientific experimentation, you name it...). The humans who did not submit were hunted down and annihilated.
    Trix had a young human companion, Mary, and for three years they were inseparable. When Trix was 19 (human life standard) and Mary was almost 16, they were accosted by a drunken Bikirian cadet. He claimed Mary for entertainment and even though Trix was terrified, she tried to intercede for Mary. Trix was knocked unconscious and when she woke, she found Mary, bloody and dying next to her. Mary last words were, "Remember the teachings of Our Lord Jesus, pledge to me and Father God that you will not return evil for evil. Promise me, Trix, my dear sister-in-Christ, promise..."
    In her heart, Trix vowed to make Mary's sacrifice an example of Christ's Love. Trix applied herself to the most strenuous academic and physical training program that was offered in the Bikirian University. Her father gave her a small reconditioned spacecraft.  Under the guise of scientific exploration, Trix began to secretly shuttle the human slaves and rebels to a hidden sanctuary. Her parents allowed her two years for her "scientific" quest before she would be required to marry.
    One day Trix was approached by a high ranking Bikirian officer. He, named Baxlos, had been observing her from a distance and he had discovered her secret mission for protecting earthlings. He asked if he could address her about a confidential matter. Turns out he approved of Trix's endeavors and wanted to join with her. Soon their joint endeavors and companionship lead to a proposal of marriage. However, during one of of Baxlos' human rescue missions, his ship lost control and was destroyed upon impact with a small moon.
    Trix grieved deeply but quietly for her husband, however she continued her mission. In a few weeks, Trix, finds that she is with child. The babe's birth gave Trix renewed purpose. All her human friends looked forward to each visit from Trix with the progress reports of Trillis along with holographic images.
    Shortly after Trillis becomes a toddler, she loses her grandparents, Trix's parents. Trix decides to move permanently to the human sanctuary. She scattered old scrap metal parts  similar to that used on her ship throughout an asteroid belt.
    So here is Trillis in her new home:



    I give thanks to God for allowing me to be creative.
    Many thanks to the fine creators who make wonderful Custom Content.
    Special mention to:
    fakepeeps dress mesh
    Pyxis Peggy #05464 MtF Conversion - hair





  7. Lace Toddler Dresses

    These are some pretty little lace toddler dresses that use one of Snowstorm's meshes, which is included, as her site no longer exists.
    They are categorized as everyday. One is a wine colored velvet top with white lace bottom, one a lavender check with bambi decoration and white lace bottom, and one black velvet with pink lace bottom.  I have redone these to improve the lace texture. Please redownload if you have already. They will NOT overwrite the old files, so if you do not want both you will have to remove the old ones. I have also separated out the files so that you can download each dress individually as well as altogether. 




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