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  1. Pet Story Conversion to Sims 2

    Pet Story Dog Training Items converted Sims 2 items.


    All items work quite similar.  
    Known Issues:  The tunnels, do not work well with the large dog.  The collapsible tunnel, really does not work well, but I am a bit tired of working on it.  I do not seem to be able to find a solution to the issues.  If I do, I will update them at a later date.  Be sure to click the follow option so you will be notified of any updates.
    Credits to INateYou for the request and to everyone who helped with testing especially Charity.  Thank you!




  2. Incubator

    Posted 17 August 2008 - 11:31 PM
    The incubator will work with any game combination.
    This item was requested by theraven at www.insimenator.org
    It is a co-creation by Bloom and myself. It isn't 100% perfect but Bloom and I did give it our very best.
    Bloom is a wonderful creator and it was a real pleasure for me to work with him. I could not have gotten the textures nor the animated monitors without his help.
    This is found in the same area as the regular crib for the same price.
    I hope this will be useful to some of the story creators, and just to use for fun.
    The animation for the check on infant works the same as the tuck in, in regards to filling social, comfort etc.
    YouTube Video is found here:
    The main mesh is blue and I've added a pink recolor that is used in the video.
    Image of the requested image:




  3. Milkable & Rideable Cow

    Posted 09 July 2008 - 08:00 PM


    Put Milk Away

    Cow Relaxing


    Well this one has been in the works for quite some time. I've had several requests for a milking option and I've finally got it close to my desired result.
    The milking option is done a random number of times before they are done. When the Sims starts milking a crate and pail of milk appears, the animations are a little quirky, I just tried to make it look like they are having some fun. The fingers are really hard to get in a good position, at least for me. Once the Sims is done milking a dialog box will appear, and the crate will disappear underneath them (I almost gave up on this option, but I finally got it to work), anyway the dialog box will allow you to have them put the milk in the fridge or sell it for $25. It will give 25 food units to the fridge, be sure you have the the capacity to allow for it to be put away.
    I worked on the riding animations but they still have a glide appearance, if this bothers you please don't download it. It is the best I could do.
    I've added a relax pose this option doesn't give any fun or anything it's just to pose the cow. There is a get up option to make them stand back up too.
    The graze option and eat option work similar to viewing a picture. Sims will gain fun will using these options but have to be directed to do something else unless their needs get low.
    All options are non autonomous except the milking option.
    This is found under Hobbies/Exercise, because when riding adults, teens and elders gain fitness, and body skills.
    If you use testingcheats enables true you may get an error if you cancel the ride option, it is best to direct the Sims to go to another action to prevent this error, or just click on the ground and direct the sims to go here.
    When they pick up the pail of milk they do bleed into the cow, sorry I just could not find a way around this.  When milking at a 45




  4. Updated - Chandler for Sims 2

    Updated July 14, 2014:  Thanks to LilSister finding that the craftable items were also, showing up for the pottery wheel I have made changes to the 4 craftable items.  Please be sure to remove your older copies and replace them with the new upload.  
    This is something I started creating over 2 years ago and it's finally finished.  I started this as a project with G-Knee at PBK for a contest, but was unable to get it working until recently.  The meshes are mostly by G-Knee and the coding and effects are by myself.  (The fire effect requires the AL expansion.)
    Thanks to pykkadilly for requesting and testing this!

    Sims gain creativity and are able to make one or many of the 4 items pictured below.

    Once completed the item will go into your sims inventory which can then be placed within the lot and the candles do light except for the hanging candle.





  5. Animated Rocking Chair

    I created this in response to a request from INateYou.  Thanks for the request INateYou.
    I used a mesh by honeybee at MTS and thanks to Nonni for finding this.  Click Here for original mesh.  I did make some changes to the mesh.  Credits to Honeybee for the mesh.
    Credits to Stefy for finding Maylins animated rocker, and to Maylin for that same rocker.  Click Here for her rocker, scroll down the page a ways to find it.
    I did recode this to give the sims fun and comfort and they will rock until their needs get low or you cancel the action.
    Sims must be seated for the rock option to be available.
    Textures are pulled from my driftwood set and require at least the living room chair for a texture.  Click Here to download that set.
    The rocking chair is found under living room chairs for $50.




  6. Large Wading Pool - Free Time Required

    I created this awhile back and no longer have it posted anywhere, but there are several views for this on youtube so I thought I'd get it posted here.

    I created custom animations for all age groups, moving animations are very difficult to get to look natural, they are kind of quirky but your sims will love this pool, they gain fun, hygiene, and body skills.

    I also include a few recolors.
    This item is found under Miscellaneous/Child for $800 sim dollars




  7. Childs Rideable Bike - Custom Animations

    This is an updated version of my Childs Bike, 
    I have not found any issues with this version, the child will get on properly no matter what direction the bike is in, and when left riding it when you leave your lot, the child will still be riding when you return to the lot.  (At least in all of my testing.)
    Children gain body skills, fitness and fun with this bike.   
    The free time version gives enthusiasm for exercise.
    Found under Knowledge/Fitness for $250.




  8. Dancing Bear Play Nursery Rhymes - Custom Sounds Base Game Compatiable - Also works with Castaway Stories

    I've always loved the bear sculpture but felt it would make a nicer deco item for children's rooms. Then I came up with the idea to add nursery rhymes and make it animated.
    One issue I have it the music ends before it's turned off if you play it for quite a while. I don't know how to get the sound to loop without overlapping the music. 
    This is found under Electronics/Stereo for $99.
    I used the repository technique to pull textures from the statue. I didn't take screenshots of all the different color options.
    If there is any interest in a base game version please let me know and I'll try to create one.
    Toddlers gain fun and enthusiasm for music when they dance along with the music.
    Video with one of the songs is here:





  9. Updated - Crabapple Lollipop Chopping Tree

    I had to do an update today November 11, 2014, as LilSister found an issue with my effects, it seems that effect is no longer a part of the Ultimate Edition, so I found a new one.  I also made changes to the hatchet, please be sure you do not have any copies of the older version in your downloads folder.  
    Thanks to LilSister for testing and finding the issues!  I am very sorry for any inconvenience, but I do like to fix things that are not right.     I am always working to improve my skills. 
    Thanks to a request for Alraris, I have updated all of my chopping trees to allow for Sims to sell the logs in their businesses.  So, I decided to create a smaller tree to go allow with my previous trees.
    When a Sims sells the logs in a business setting, they will need to have more in their inventory to restock.  I have added a sell option to the logs to allow Sims to sell them outright also.  When Non Owners chop the tree at a business, logs will go into the business owners inventory.  I have made several changes to all of the trees to fix some issues that I believe will make them work better. 

    You find this item under Knowledge/Misc for $50. Sims chop wood to gain body skill, enthusiasm in nature and fun, they also, earn logs which go into their inventory, each set of logs may be sold for $50. Their energy, and hygiene are reduced while chopping the wood. Body temp increase. After 8 times of chopping wood, the fallen tree will disappear.

    Custom Sound and animations.
    My Birch Tree is found by clicking here:
    My Joshua Tree is found by clicking here:
    My Pine Tree is found by clicking here:
    My Palm Tree is found by clicking here:
    My Bonsai Tree is found by clicking here:




  10. Wood Chopping Fallen Pine Tree

    Updated November 11, 2014  - Thanks to Alraris for making me aware the logs were not working for businesses.
    You find this item under Knowledge/Misc for $100. Sims chop wood to gain body skill, enthusiasm in nature and fun, they also, earn logs which go into their inventory, each set of logs may be sold for $100. Their energy, and hygiene are reduced while chopping the wood. Body temp increase. After 8 times of chopping wood, the fallen tree will disappear.

    The Pine Tree textures are pulled from EA's Pine Tree.

    Custom Sound and animations.

    Note: If you have my fallen birch tree you may remove the hatched and sound files as you do not need two.

    This Pine Tree works the same as my Birch Tree as seen in this video.

    Logs created by this tree:




  11. Duel Dummy

    Posted: March 12, 2012
    I created this per a request from Destiny Rider.
    I have pulled the dummy from the pirate ship. Dueling with the dummy gives body skill, fitness, fun and increases body heat, a small amount, energy, and comfort are reduced some.
    Gives enthusiasm for sports.
    This is found under Hobbies/recreation and is now 25 simoleons. 
    Textures are pulled from the pirate ship, so BV is required.
    I want to thanks our Affinity Testing Team for testing this creation. Thanks everyone!




  12. Dancing Nursery Rhyme Bear

    I created this several years ago, and now that I have learned a lot more about coding, and because LilSister brought it to my attention, that there were issues with the original version.  I have done a major overhaul on it.    
    The sing along option has been totally redone and checks to be sure you have Free Time installed before you are allowed to use that option.
    The dance option should work for any expansion combination you might have.
    The turn on/off options are no longer autonomous. Sims are able to turn it on no matter where they are on the lot.  In other words they don't have to walk over the the bear to turn it on/off.
    I test to be sure it is turned on, before the sing along and/or dance options become available options.
    The sound volume for the nursery rhyme music is lower, I found it overshadowed the toddler's singing.
    Toddlers are able to select an option of gaining 90% of their singing skill learned, but only if they do not already have 90% or above of the skill.
    Toddler without the skill:

    Toddler with the skill:


    Toddlers gain fun, social, learn Charisma  and Enthusiasm for Music with the sing along option.
    I also, fixed up some issues with the mesh.  The mesh was an EA sculpture, that I reduced in size, moved it's arms, added joints and assigned sections to those joints.  To make it animatable.   Textures are pulled from the EA sculpture.
    This is found with other radios, under electronics, for $99.
    Credits' To LilSister for telling me about the issues and for testing.
    Be sure you remove any older version of this bear from your downloads folder, and both files found in the folder are needed for this to work properly.




  13. Updated Animated Swing

    Updated June 22, 2014
    I found some issues that generated an error, which may not have been seen if your don't play with testingcheats enabled.  
    I also, tested this with an infant and it is in fact usable by infants too.  It's been so many years since I created the first version, it's hard to remember things.  
    I had a request to have my swing use the textures from the crib.
    It works the same as my older version, only the textures are pulled from the cheap crib.
    I didn't create images of all of the textures, but any recolors you have of the crib will also work for this swing.
    If is found with the child items for $50.
    Known issue:  If the adult sims removes the child autonomously, the swing does not stop.  There is however, an option to stop it manually.




  14. Updated - Animated Goats - Milkable

    Updated May 30, 2014.  Thanks to Nonni finding an error in the Call Over option, I have updated the file.  If you have had issues with this goat please redownload.
    I have been working on these goats on and off for over a year.  I believe I have them working better than any of my other animated animals.  The milking animation is a bit quirky, and the pail does not always land in the correct position, but I did not want to remove this option.
    To purchase a goat you must place the goat sign on your lot (found under misc/pets for $1).

    Once you purchase one, you may retexture them in buy mode with the recolor tool.  (I include 4 textures in all.)
    The pet action is non autonomous, for the adult goats.  (Be sure to have your sims pet them once in awhile.)

    Milking is also, non autonomous.

    If you have room in your fridge you will have the option to put the milk away, or sell it for $25.  If your fridge is full you only have the option to sell the milk.


    These goats do not bleat very often, I found that to get on my nerves after awhile.  They will bleat when a Sims is petting them.
    Be sure to give your goats water and feed, or they will die.  The feed and water are found under misc/pets.  
    A new kidd will be born if you have a Nanny and a Billy Goat on your lot, but you may also purchase the Kidds.
    Known Issues:  When first purchased the goats do not seem to know their head from their behind, that seems to resolve itself after saving and returning to the game, and/or after they have been on your lot for awhile.
    Thanks to Karen and Nonni for testing these, and the many others who tested them in the past.  The male goat mesh I had before was not a good mesh, so I took the female mesh and converted it, to look more like a male, and added some horns and beard.




  15. Animated Penguins - Seasons Required

    Due to some requests for this penguin, that I had had in testing a couple of years ago, I am posting it here:

    I have added an option that allows you to purchase the EA Penguins, and have included an object mod that allows them to stay on your lot for quite a long time. I have yet to have one leave. They enter your lot from the sidewalk from either end of your lot, and it does take a couple of seconds for them to appear.

    Known Issues: The pet animations for my version of the penguins is still off. 

    I have made the baby versions a bit larger and they now look a lot better, at least in my opinion.

    If you have a scarecrow on your lot my version will talk to it and gain social. I may add the snowman to that later.

    I have also, made changes to the water trough, if you happen to have the pig trough in your downloads the new version may cause a conflict.

    This is a test version for ya all to try out. Purchase the Purchase sign under Misc/Pets for $2 then purchase your penguins.

    The pig water trough is used for now for their food.

    Requested by Gesundheit!




  16. Animated Swan with Custom Sound

    I created this to celebrate Aloha Kay's Birthday.
    Happy Birthday Kay and many happy returns!
    It is found with sculptures for $125.
    Black Recolor:

    This has options to allow you to turn on/off both the animations and the sound.




  17. Toddler Cooking Toy Pot and Wooden Spoon

    This is found under general child for $30.
    Toddlers gain cooking skill and enthusiasm for cuisine.

    Textures are pulled from the expensive fridge.
    Thanks to Nonni for the request and for the in game shots.




  18. Animated Butter Churn

    Found under Hobbies/Misc for $50.
    Sims churn bowls of butter that maybe sold for $5 or put away in the fridge.
    Free time version gives enthusiasm for cuisine, both versions give cooking skill.

    Thanks so much to everyone in our Affinity Testing Team for testing this item.
    Thanks to rugrat0ne for the request.




  19. Laundry Rock - Free Time Required

    This is found under appliances/misc for $10...this many not the best category, but not sure where else I'd put it.
    Sims gain cleaning skills, enthusiasm for nature, fun, a small amount of body temp increase, hygiene, and fitness, decrease in comfort and energy.
    A random clothing wad is set to either pink or blue texture.
    Your Sims will earn $30 for doing laundry.
    I have included Marvin's rock textures, I pulled the textures for this rock, from Marvin's Rock found here:Click Here
    Note: If used on vacation lots, you must be sure your Sims are not using this item when you leave your lot, it works fine on vacation lots, as long as you do not have them using it when you close your lot.


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  20. New Animated Donkey

    Donkeys randomly run around your lots. They have two needs which are social and hunger. They can be cleaned, brushed, petted, and rode. Fouls may only be cuddled.

    Pets Version:
    All purchasable items are found under Miscellaneous/Pets, some items like the rake are accessories and can't be purchased.

    To purchase the donkeys you must first place the sign on your lot, then click on it to purchase your selection. Fouls require a Jenny to take care of their needs. Fouls grow up to be full sized donkeys after a few Sims days. To change their texture you have to use the design tool under buy mode, just as you would recolor other items.

    There is a feed trough and water trough, they will need to fill their hunger needs, these are the same troughs the horses use.

    Sims have an option to pet, clean and brush which will increase their social.

    A Straw bed is available for their sleeping, but not required, and allows for horses, donkeys, pigs and cows to use for sleeping.

    These require so much time to create, there are several options I'm not happy with and may work on later, but for now please don't complain. If you are unhappy with the animations etc, then you are more then welcome to work on them yourself, or delete the files.

    Known Issues: Animals and Sims walk through the items.

    Sims seem to get stuck riding at times, if this happens and you need your sims to get off the Donkey go to CRTL+Shift+C enter testingcheatsenabled true then right click on the Sims and select force error, then click the reset option. Any time an item is not working in your game you may use this same option, to reset the item.

    When the Sims pet, clean or brush sometimes the animal will walk away.


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  21. Updated Rideable Duck

    I believe I have fixed all of the issues my former version had.  Toddlers now ride this in the proper direction no matter how you place it on the lot, the duck no longer disappears if you leave the toddler riding it when you save and leave your game, texture stays to what you have it set at, and no errors happen if you cancel the toddlers ride.
    I have also added two new textures.
    Duck sound and toddler laughter have been reduced.
    Toddlers gain fun, physical fitness, body skills and enthusiasm for nature.

    The main file the duck is white and I've included three recolors.

    You find it under Knowledge/Exercise for $250.






  22. Rideable Pony

    I have had several requests for this the most recent was from Majin here at SS2.
    Children have the option to ride it, pet it and all sims have the option to make it eat, graze or play the whinny.
    Children also gain fitness and body skills when riding it.
    It can be found with the exercise equipment.
    The main mesh is black and I've included a black and white recolor.






  23. Toddler Rideable Tricycle - New Custom Animation

    Another of my animated items updated with new animations, trike no longer disappears when you leave toddler on it when leaving your game.  (there is an issue though - see video below).
    Textures no longer revert to the main texture.  I was not successful in getting the wheels to go around, but I do think the animations give the illusion of the toddler actually riding.  (Custom animations are really not easy).
    Found under Knowledge/Exercise for $50, with 5 different texture options.





  24. Rideable Brontosaurus for Toddlers

    I have been working on this one for over 3 years on and off.  Yesterday, I had a major breakthrough.  I found and solved several of the issues I was having with it, and my other rideable items.    I hope your toddlers enjoy it, they will gain fun, body skills, and enthusiasm for exercise.  You should have some of the latest expansions, at least "Freetime" or later.
    You no longer get the error "undefined transition" if you cancel the toddler riding on the Brontosaurus.  (It made my day to find this problem.  )
    The brontosaurus no longer disappears when you save your game with a toddler riding it.
    I had a few other issues with this particular item, but I do believe I have it now working as I intended.    
    The first time a toddler rides he/she may ride it sideways or backwards, if that happens cancel the ride, and the brontosaurus will locate itself heading in a northerly direction.  (one of the things I'd like to overcome, but can't seem to do so.)

    <iframe width="960" height="720" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/jLun2xPznGc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


    I had made the texture work for a larger mesh that TNW had sent me, which was a free mesh from the free 3d mesh site.  I have made this smaller, added joints, and created animations.  So if it looks a bit familiar that is why.    
    Note:  I will be updating some of my other toddler rideable items too.




  25. Animated Sharks for Beach Lots

    These are found under Decorative/Sculptures for $100 each, I have converted my pond/pool versions to work in the waters of your beaches.
    The animations are the same as my pool/pond versions, and may also be turned off.


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