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  1. Custom Animated Elephant Statues With Custom Sound

    Posted 23 January 2008 - 02:19 PM

    Updated December 18, 2019 - I combined the sound and mesh file into one file.
    I have an Animated Elephant Statue.
    There are 3 animations plus the view option all of which give fun to your Sims.  To find the menu of the Elephant look between the shoulders just behind the head.
    It is found under Deco/Statues for $1000.

    I have posted a video here:




  2. Updated Animated Infant/Toddler Swing - With option to serve new foods

    Updated June 22, 2014
    I found some issues that generated an error, which may not have been seen if your don't play with testingcheats enabled
    It's been awhile since I've posted anything because this one took me quite awhile to learn the animations and then to apply what I've learned. My Infant/Toddler Swing is currently my top download, so I'm hoping those that have enjoyed it will enjoy this version even more.

    I believe this should be compatible with the base game or any EP combination. If anyone finds that it's not please report it in this thread.

    The swing in found under General/Child for $175. Toddlers/Infants gain fun and a very small amount of energy. Approx. the same amount per hour that the game decrease the energy. So you won't really notice much improvement on the energy but it should not decrease while they swing.

    I used the repository technique to pull textures from the maxis highchair. 

    I've been working with Simotized to create an option for new foods for toddlers to eat. I have managed to finally get this working with the swing. Simotized has created Cheerios that I believe she will post sometime soon at MTS2. I've created Corn Soup with a Care Bears Bowl. To use these new foods you have to click on the Refrigiator to find them. Please see photo. You do not need the new food for the swing, but you do need the swing to use the new foods.

    When placed in the swing the swing will start to swing until the toddler/infant is removed. I've added an option to stop the swing just as a safe guard. To stop it just click on the swing and selects stop swing.


    If you like this item please take time to rate, comment.




  3. Rideable Big Wheel Trike - Custom Animations

    Posted 01 December 2007 - 01:00 PM

    I couldn't sleep last night so I got up and created this mesh. I think it came out pretty good for being half awake. :chuckle:

    I created the animations, coded and textured it this morning. The animation is quite subtle just little leg movements, with hands placed at the proper position.
    Toddler gain fitness, fun and body skills while riding it.
    Found under Hobbies/Exercise for $89.


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  4. Rideable Animated Donkey - Custom Sound

    Posted 15 December 2007 - 12:08 PM
    I have also added new animations and sound. A new option to have the donkey hee haw and kick. A new riding animation has been added also.
    This is found under Knowledge/Exercise - I set the price at $1200.
    Sims gain body skill, fitness and fun when riding the donkey.
    It works about the same as my other rideable items.
    I created the donkey animation, plus the sims animations for riding. Sometimes the sims will sit on the donkey backwards or sidesaddle, I've tried to direct them so that they no longer do this but I can't promise they won't sit on it backwards from time to time, usually the first time they ride it.
    I owe some of the idea of making a rideable animal to Dragon_Slave. Thanks Dragon_Slave!
    If a sims is riding it when you exit the game it will disappear, because it is controlled by an NPC.
    Please let me know your opinions of this item. I really love to hear from those that enjoy my items. If you really like it and want to stay upto date on new version please add it to your favorites.




  5. Dancing Bear Play Nursery Rhymes - Custom Sounds Base Game Compatiable - Also works with Castaway Stories

    I've always loved the bear sculpture but felt it would make a nicer deco item for children's rooms. Then I came up with the idea to add nursery rhymes and make it animated.
    One issue I have it the music ends before it's turned off if you play it for quite a while. I don't know how to get the sound to loop without overlapping the music. 
    This is found under Electronics/Stereo for $99.
    I used the repository technique to pull textures from the statue. I didn't take screenshots of all the different color options.
    If there is any interest in a base game version please let me know and I'll try to create one.
    Toddlers gain fun and enthusiasm for music when they dance along with the music.
    Video with one of the songs is here:





  6. Double Drinking Fountains

    Posted 23 November 2008 - 01:29 PM

    The was requested in the insimenator request forum by tee2 and weth1995 here
    Request image


    The animations are not 100% perfect but I think they look pretty realistic, considering creating animations with milkshape does not work well by any stretch.
    I created an animation for each age group except elders, which is the same as an adult.
    YouTube Video show all age group animations here:
    This item increases fun, and hunger, it also reduces the bladder needs.
    You have to purchase the adult/teen side and child/toddler side separately and place them next to each other. They are under plumbing/sinks. Both are around 1000 faces each, very low poly.
    I have tested this with base game only and it works fine.




  7. Drinking Fountain - Water Cooler - Custom animations

    Posted 28 November 2008 - 03:28 PM
    I have for you today a different style drinking fountain.
    I have created all new animations for this item, for all age groups.
    Please see my video here:
    Just about everything about this item is custom.
    This is found under Plumbing/Sinks for $1500.


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  8. Aubree Gear Set - Regular Maxis Bedding Textures

    Posted 19 November 2008 - 07:35 PM This is a set I worked on with Hope Bayler a few months back named for my granddaughter. I have updated the whole set, lowered poly counts some minor changes to the meshes and per request from wheelieSim the textures are pulled from the Maxis bedding. To recolor these items you must recolor the regular bedding.
    Using the repository technique on items reduces the memory resources and is better for you game. If you've seen videos of Sims 3, EA is now going to implement the same idea.
    All except the diaper bag is found under General/Child. Diaper bag is found under plumbing/toilet.
    Most of the meshing was done by Hope. Animations and coding was done by myself.
    YouTube video is found here:

    Poly Counts
    All are reasonable
    Games Needed
    Base game




  9. Kick Scooter - Custom Animations

    Posted 29 October 2008 - 07:28 AM

    This is found under Hobbies/Exercise for $149.
    Update November 07, 2008
    I've created small animations for each age group except for infants.
    This works pretty much the same as my other ride able items except this one can be placed in any direction for the Sims to ride it properly.
    Sims will gain fun, fitness and body skills.
    The file BecksAnimatedRideableScooterFTEP gives enthusiasm for fitness. This version does require Free Time EP.
    If you leave the lot while a sims is riding it, it will disappear. The controller is an NPC any active NPC is deleted when you enter a lot, for some strange reason. I have yet to figure this out.
    Poly Counts
    Games Needed
    Base Game




  10. Swim Tube

    Posted 28 July 2008 - 05:56 PM

    Don't you just hate how EA left the toddlers out of so many activities? With this Swim Tube they can now enjoy the pool! Finally!
    I did manual edit to the puddle splash for the arm movements, facial expressions, and effects, with some tweaking. The leg movements are from the idle in highchair animations. Thanks to Wes for his great plugins.




  11. Updated - Animated Rocking Horse

    Updated February 8, 2014

    Added recolors and fixed it so that it is recolorable and added the option to allow toddlers to get on by themselves.

    Thanks to Nonni for requested the option for a toddler to get on without adult assistance.

    Posted 06 November 2008 - 06:33 PM



    This is something I've wanted to create for quite some time and I finally got it done.

    Animated rocking horse for toddlers.

    This is found with toddler items for $50.

    YouTube video here:

    Games Needed
    Apartment Life




  12. Animated Bouncy

    Posted 22 November 2007 - 04:30 PM

    I have made this to increase infant and toddler's needs for fun, hunger, bladder, and energy when placed in the bouncy.

    It's been about a year ago that I first started playing Sims2 and this item has almost all the skills I've learned rolled into one object. I'm kind of proud of this creation although it's very simple it does represent most of the skills available to learn.

    It's coded to be used by infants and toddlers. They will gain fun and a very small amount of energy (about the same amount as the game decreases their energy per hour). You won't notice a major difference in their energy, but they should not get tired while in the bouncy.

    Custom Object Animation: The animation of the bouncy going up and down. This is my second object animation. I actually started this before I started my animated swing, it took longer because I wanted to create a new body animation. Echo and Wes_h get the credit for this skill. Jasana BugBreeder was also a big help to me.

    Custom Body Animation : Toddler and infants have a new leg movement to go along with the bouncy. It's not perfect but it took me days to get this to work. This is my first body animation so please don't be too critical. Echo, Wes_h and Solfal were very helpful in this skill. Dr Pixel for his body meshes.

    Repository Technique : I pull the textures from the Maxis crib. This technique give you all the colors maxis created for the crib and any re-colors you have for it will also be pulled for the bouncy. To actually create a re-color you must recolor the Maxis Crib. Thanks to JWoods and Numenor for their help in this area.

    New Mesh: I created the mesh myself. I really didn't learn this through an online tutorial.

    Working with the Slots Routes and Joints credit goes to FishEeyes and Echo.

    I really owe so much too all these great people without them I would not have a clue as to how to do these things.

    The Bouncy is found under General/Child and should be compatible with the base game and any EP combination.

    I sure hope some of you enjoy it.

    Gif images are low quality to get them small enough for uploading.

    Additional Credits:
    Credits to: All that help make this possible. SimPE creators, CEP creators, Peter & Inge Jones for the PJSE SimPe plugin, this site, Stephen Cox creator of UVMapper, and creators of MilkShape. Echo who has taught me more than anyone and I highly recommend her tutorials found at MTS2. Wes_h for his animation plugins and his detailed answers to my questions.

    Echo is so knowledgeable on so many aspects and without all her help I would not have been able to complete this. Most of my creations would never have been a reality without Echo. Thanks Echo!

    If you like this item please take time to rate, comment.




  13. Rideable Skateboard

    Posted 21 September 2007 - 01:41 PM

    Rideable Skateboard for adult and elders. They will gain body skills, fun and increase their fitness while riding it.
    It is found under Hobbies/Exercise for $50.


    You must have all 3 files in your download directory for this to work properly.
    Note: If you leave your sims riding any of my rideable items when you leave the game the items will disappear. May require at least one expansion pack installed.


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  14. Rideable Air Balloon

    Posted 07 July 2008 - 03:32 PM





    A few months ago Kate at http://www.parsimonious.org/ asked me for a Hot Air Balloon that could would go up and down. I owe the whole idea for this creations to her. Please be sure to check her site for her "Vintage Hot Air Balloon" and about 1000 new uploads in honor of her sites 5th birthday.
    My version works differently than Kate's, and is not nearly as beautiful. The animations took me weeks to get in sync. I have found at times during the ride the sims will drop a little too low, but the actual animations are in sync so I think this may actually happen when there is a lag in my computer. If this bothers you please don't download. I get some complaints about my animations and frankly I'm a little tired of them. I do the best I can with the tools I have. 
    Entry and exit animations are my manually edit to the hot tub jumpin and out. Credit for the idea for the outgoing sims to get ill after riding, goes to Kate's husband.
    This item is found under Hobbies/Miscellaneous for $2500. It does not depreciate.
    Sims will gain enthusiasm for Nature, fun and Logic skills while riding in the balloon.
    Warning the ride is somewhat lengthy don't have your Sims take a ride just before school or work. The landing portion does take a little time.
    I include 3 recolors.
    I also have these set to be view able from the neighborhood also.




  15. Playable Baby Doll

    Posted 03 January 2009 - 12:35 AM
    Updated December 18. 2019 I updated this to smooth the head a bit, it still looks like there should be hair there but it's not crooked.
    I had to make new images and noticed it just didn't look quite right. 



    Almost every little girl has had a baby doll, now your Sims girls are able to have one too.
    This was requested by spoiled hottie here: Click Here
    It is playable for all age groups, and works like the teddy bear.
    It is easily recolorable.
    I've included all EA skin colors and 3 other recolors.
    The mesh is the infant by EA.
    Please see video posted here:




  16. Riding Lawn Mower - Custom Sound and Animations

    Posted 23 March 2008 - 02:21 PM
    Be sure to download MaAlets nice recolors here: Click Here
    I've started this a few months ago and put it aside because I couldn't get the poly count down to something reasonable, and I also needed a good sound, finally I got it working with a reasonable poly count.
    The face count is 5114 but it does span over 2 tiles so it isn't to terrible. If you don't have a lot of memory for your game this may not work good for you. I had no problems with 4 of them on a lot at the same time.
    You have to forgive the missing section of the actual blade as that portion would make it way overboard for face count.
    It must be placed on terrain to place it on the lot and is found under Hobbies/Misc for $2500 it does not depreciate.
    Front and rear wheels are animated, and this was a real challenge to get them both working.
    Sims may get on it backwards or sideways, you have to play with the placement to get them to ride it properly. Sorry I haven't figure out this problem.
    The sound does linger for a minute or so after they stop riding. I decreased the length of the sound but I just couldn't get it perfect.
    I have place this in Hacked Objects, for those that don't understand what a hacked object is, let me explain. A hacked object is an item that has been coded by the creator. It isn't hacked to cause problems for your game, the hacked term is a little scary to some but it really doesn't mean anything bad in this case.
    Gives Sims Enthusiasm for the Outdoors.
    Sims will gain Cleaning Skills when riding it.
    Child rider video is here:




  17. Rideable Fully Animated Camel

    Posted 13 December 2007 - 07:33 PM

    This is found under Knowledge/Exercise.
    Sims gain body skill, fitness and fun when riding the camel.
    It works about the same as my other ride able items. It should work with any combination of EP's and/or base game.
    I created an animation for the camel to kneel down and the riding animation, plus the sims animations for riding. Sometimes the sims will sit on the camel backwards, I've tried to direct them so that they no longer do this but I can't promise they won't sit on it backwards from time to time.
    I am also working on a couple of other ride able animals. This one took me a very long time to complete, it took something like 43 or 44 joint to build. So I really hope some of you will enjoy it.
    If a sims is riding it when you exit the game it will disappear, because it is controlled by an NPC.
    Please let me know your opinions of this item. I really love to hear from those that enjoy my items.




  18. Monkey Bars for Toddlers

    Posted 12 February 2008 - 11:59 PM I'm not sure this will be good enough for some of you. I've tried over 100 times to get the animations to look perfect and I just don't seem to be able to do it. It was a real challenge for me just to get the slots and routes to work properly.
    A video is posted here to help you decide if it's worth the download:

    Toddlers gain fun while using this item. No EP's are required. Poly count is 3836.
    It is found under deco/sculptures for $500. I will change the location for the final version. If I add the body skill I will place it under Exercise equipment, it not I guess general/child.
    I would also like your opinions on the following:
    Is this something you would use in your game?
    Would you like to see children and adults allowed to use this?
    Should they gain body skills?
    Is there anyone that could tell me how to get the animations perfect?
    Any constructive help would be very much appreciated.




  19. Milkable & Rideable Cow

    Posted 09 July 2008 - 08:00 PM


    Put Milk Away

    Cow Relaxing


    Well this one has been in the works for quite some time. I've had several requests for a milking option and I've finally got it close to my desired result.
    The milking option is done a random number of times before they are done. When the Sims starts milking a crate and pail of milk appears, the animations are a little quirky, I just tried to make it look like they are having some fun. The fingers are really hard to get in a good position, at least for me. Once the Sims is done milking a dialog box will appear, and the crate will disappear underneath them (I almost gave up on this option, but I finally got it to work), anyway the dialog box will allow you to have them put the milk in the fridge or sell it for $25. It will give 25 food units to the fridge, be sure you have the the capacity to allow for it to be put away.
    I worked on the riding animations but they still have a glide appearance, if this bothers you please don't download it. It is the best I could do.
    I've added a relax pose this option doesn't give any fun or anything it's just to pose the cow. There is a get up option to make them stand back up too.
    The graze option and eat option work similar to viewing a picture. Sims will gain fun will using these options but have to be directed to do something else unless their needs get low.
    All options are non autonomous except the milking option.
    This is found under Hobbies/Exercise, because when riding adults, teens and elders gain fitness, and body skills.
    If you use testingcheats enables true you may get an error if you cancel the ride option, it is best to direct the Sims to go to another action to prevent this error, or just click on the ground and direct the sims to go here.
    When they pick up the pail of milk they do bleed into the cow, sorry I just could not find a way around this.  When milking at a 45




  20. Animated Rideable Bike for Adults and Teens

    Posted 17 January 2008 - 02:20 PM


    I'm very new to creating animations and if you need perfection I'm afraid I can't give it to you. I did really try to get the legs to be in sync with the pedals but I'm just not able to accomplish this. The animations are created separate from each other as far as I know there isn't a way to create them together, if there were it would make it 100% easier.
    I've created two ride option one that they ride the bike in a normal way and the second they will do some wheelies.
    It is found under Knowledge/Exercise for $149.00 simoleons.
    Adults, Teens and Elders are able to ride either option. They gain fun, fitness and earn body skills while riding it.
    If Sims are riding it when you exit the game it will disappear, because it is controlled by an NPC.




  21. Toddler Wheely Bug Ride On Toy - Requested

    Posted 01 December 2008 - 07:12 AM
    This was requested by Deedee09. Thanks for the cute idea Deedee09.
    This one is found in Hobbies/Exercise for $149.
    Toddlers gain fitness, body skill and fun when riding this.
    Note: If a toddler is riding one when you exit the lot it will disappear, as the game deletes all active NPC when you reenter any lot. There are 2 files in the zip, both files must be placed in your downloads directory,
    Face Count 2573 - I have tested this with base game only installed and it does work as expected. The computer I have the base game installed on is an older computer, about 5 years old, with only 512 memory, an integrated video card and this did not slow the game down at all.
    Youtube video is found here:




  22. HB Aubree Toddler N Infant Gear Set

    Posted 22 February 2008 - 01:05 PM
    This is a set that I worked with Hope Bayler to create. The meshes are by Hope and the animations, coding and recolors are by me.

    Hope dedicated and named this set to my newest granddaughter.

    Mesh Set video of swing and jumperoo:

    <iframe width="960" height="720" src="//www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/Du5AXC0h2p0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Blue Set video:

    I don't have the poly counts but none of them are very big.

    You must install the mesh files for the recolors to work.

    Base Game Compatible


    Note: I have added a sims2pack file type for those that prefer it. You only need to download either the 3 zip files or just the sims3pack file, if you want all of the files.




  23. Outdated Version - Rideable Toddler/Child Tricycle

    Updated versions posted here:  


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  24. Aubree Gear Set Addition Swing Bed - Requested base game compatible

    Posted 27 June 2008 - 11:28 PM

    This an addition to HopeB's and my joint project called Aubree Gear Set.
    Requested by Evil Writer.
    This works the same as a regular crib except it swings. It is found with regular cribs for $200.
    You Tube Video:





  25. Incubator

    Posted 17 August 2008 - 11:31 PM
    The incubator will work with any game combination.
    This item was requested by theraven at www.insimenator.org
    It is a co-creation by Bloom and myself. It isn't 100% perfect but Bloom and I did give it our very best.
    Bloom is a wonderful creator and it was a real pleasure for me to work with him. I could not have gotten the textures nor the animated monitors without his help.
    This is found in the same area as the regular crib for the same price.
    I hope this will be useful to some of the story creators, and just to use for fun.
    The animation for the check on infant works the same as the tuck in, in regards to filling social, comfort etc.
    YouTube Video is found here:
    The main mesh is blue and I've added a pink recolor that is used in the video.
    Image of the requested image:




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