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Multiple Age Groups

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  1. NFL Team Coat Collection by LilSister

    Represent your team by having your Sims sport your favorite NFL team. Years ago Irish Pride at TSR created an NFL coat collection. I




  2. Season's Greetings - EileneBella Formals for Rio

    I guess my now you can tell I am a big fan of Bells' maxi dress. Here are two more in pastel colors. Perfect for your Sims who will be vacationing in the Islands for Christmas.
    The dresses are for Young Adults thru Elders and can be worn everyday or as formal wear and have fat and pregnancy morphs.
    Thank you to Bells for allowing me to convert her textures found HERE and to G-Knee for the mesh.  Enjoy!
    Models: Katrina Hughes and Rebecca St. James.




  3. Merry Christmas - ElieneBella Maxi Dress For Rio - Sims 2

    Something warm and cozy for your Sim ladies to wear as they sip hot cider by the fire. I've converted Eliene Bella's Maxi Dress for the  Rio body shape using G-Knees Rio long loose dress mesh. The dresses are available for everyday, and fits young adults, adults and elders. Also included but not shown is a red recolor.
    Thank you to Bells for allowing me to use her textures found HERE. Enjoy!
    Models: Sarah St. James and Diamond Hughes




  4. Changelings Elena's Kaftan - Rio - Sims 2

    I fell in love with Elena's Kaftans that Changeling (PBK) converted and edited to fit Berryllium's Frigga dress. I had to have them in my game and since I play with the Rio body shape I converted Changeling's conversion using G-Knees Rio Long Loose Dress Mesh. The Kaftans are available to fit Young Adult thru Elders, has a pregnancy morph and can be worn as everyday/casual or formal. I have also included some additional recolors not pictured but they are clearly labeled and the colors viewable using the clean installer.
    Thank you to Changeling for allowing me to convert her conversion found HERE and to G-Knee for the mesh.
    Thank you to my models (left to right) sisters Sarah & Rebecca St. James, Katrina Tisdale and Diamond Hughes. They were very patient and didn't complain no matter what I did to them or how long it took

    I hope your Sims enjoy wearing them as much as mine do. Enjoy!




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