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  1. MM_RC_MissionBed-Sets

    Somehow these got lost, so I am re-uploading the Mission Bed sets. There are 3 woods for the double bed, the single bed and the toddler bed as well as a night stand and a wardrobe. All items are from the game and do not require any meshes.




  2. MM_Christmas_2020

    I made some Christmas Bedding, just for fun. I made sure not to go bananas on the number of patterns, there are only 21.
    The bed and dresser are from Cats and Dogs, the nightstand is a base game object.




  3. RusticFurnitureCollection

    Finally finished this HUGE project. some items are Base Game Items, but you will need *Outdoor Retreat* and *Pets* and *University* and *KniftyKnitting* and this LINK for the crib. You will need the Invisible Baby Mod from MTS and to place the baby matress you will need to turn on bb.moveobjects.
    The child bed and the crib have matching curtains-Peek-a-Boo. The furniture and double beds all have matching Curtains from *Pets*.
    The Easy Chair and the curtain files for both adult and child have their own files. The other files are *CopperBeech*. *Mahogany*. WildCherry*. and *Wood39*. 
    Choose which Woods you want or choose them all. I tried to make furniture for a complete household. This did turn out to be a much bigger project than I inatially imagined and I am sorry for the long wait. I also take awful pictures for projects like this, again I am sorry. 




  4. TS3 Provence Set - Converted to TS4

    I have converted the TS3 Provence Set that I converted for Sims 2.
    Dining Chair #2 - $150 - Comfort 10 
    Dining Chair solid - $150 - Comfort 8
    Living Room Chair - $3000 - Comfort 10
    Ceiling Light - $200
    Buffet - $325  - Has extra slots for object placement
    Side Table - $300 - Has extra slots for object placement
    Pails (under statues) - $400 - Environment 5
    Bread Box (under statues) - $50 - Environment 10
    Hanging Basket - $50 
    Shelf - $50 - not pictured 
    Mirror - $150 + charisma
    Sink - $500 - Hygiene 6 Reliability 8
    Sofa - $5000 - Comfort 10
    Coffee Table - $110
    Dining Table - $200 - Top remeshed to allow for the design to work.
    Love Seat - $4000 - Comfort 10 - was not a part of the set it is something I created from the sofa mesh
    The LIving Room Sofa, Chair, Loveseat and the Dining Table require Get Famous.
    I believe the rest are all basegame except the Shelf & Hanging Basket which requires Get Together.
    With the exception of the Hanging Basket all items have at least 8 textures included.


    EA Set:

    My Set;






  5. Nofowle Living Room Set - Sims 4

    I converted my Nofowle Set from Sims 2 to Sims 4.  I am always disappointed to find sets that have very little comfort value to them.  To me this set looks very comfy.  The comfort value is 10 for all three pieces.  The chair was and EA item and I'd created the sofa and love seat to match.


    There are 15 textures all of which are shown in this image.

    In order to have the 10 comfort level I had to clone items from the Get Famous Expansion, so you will need that expansion installed to use these.




  6. MM_RC_linacherie - IKEA Ektorp

    Lina-sheri has fixed her Ikea Ektorp set for us all to enjoy. I absolutely loved this set in Sims 2 and am so excited to having a working set for Sims 4. I used this set in Sims 2 over and over and I am delighted, over the moon to have it in Sims 4.
    You will need lina-sherie's MESH in order for this set to show up in your game.


    Happy Simming Everyone! 




  7. MM_RC_HipsterSofaSet

    You will need the MESH from MTS. I really am so grateful to the creator who made this set. I just really dislike when a furniture piece needs those extra pieces but EA can't make them cause 
    I like things to match and I'll never understand why EA doesn't make complete sets. Whenever I come across a creator that makes the missing pieces I want to  them.
    I have all of the expansion and stuff packs installed, as well as the latest update patch from Origin.
    I hope your Simmies get a lot of enjoyment from these sets and maybe a nice cuddle or two.




  8. MM_RC_MissionStyleDoubleBed_WildCherry

    I finally finished the Mission Style Double beds and this is the one in the Wild Cherry Wood. I've pictured a few with the matching dresser and end table. I made a lot of the bedding from quilt blocks. It just seemed to be the kind of bedding that went well with this particular style of bed. There is a lot of bedding recolours as per my usual way of doing things.
    The other two wood colours I am uploading one at a time just in case the files would have been too large if merged.
    I have all of the expansion and stuff packs, as well as the latest patch from Origin. Oh, this is a base game object therefore it does not require a mesh.
    Happy Simming Everyone!  




  9. MM-RC-Pets-Sofa&Chair

    This is my very first attempt at recolouring furniture for the Sims4. It was not fun at all, but I persisted until I was pleased with my results. These would not have been possible without looking at tutorials on Sims4Studio and I owe that site a debt of gratitude I can never repay.
    I have all of the expansion and stuff packs for Sims4 installed as well as the latest update. This Sofa and Chair set needs *Cats & Dogs* in order for it to show up in your game.
    Look for my MissionMouse Logo to find my recolours. I do hope you and your Simmies enjoy this set. 
    Happy Simming Everyone!  




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