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  2. So far we are still fine too, 😀 The lock down doesn't affect me much - I am used to staying home. The grand kids are still following their home school schedule, except for the subjects they have at other places; like piano and guitar lessons; physical exercises (That a bio-kinetic trainer held every Wednesday for all the home schoolers) and the once a month art gathering of all the home school kids. Yes, and the play dates that happens on some weekends. Those they miss Oh yes and of course no sports Now that I think of all this, I actually can understand that they sometimes get grumpy Thank you, MM! So do I
  3. Rebecah, plastic cling wrap will also keep out crumbs if you snack at your desk like I do. We hear motorcycles just ripping down the street that runs along the back part of our yard. These idiots are speeding like mad. Motorcycles are out in force because that's one type of transportation where the rider is usually by themselves. Dave is now down to working half days which makes us eligible for monetary assistance. However we have not filed our taxes in 2 years and I would rather be able to do that and use our refunds to see us through. The only problem there is that we use an accountant to do our taxes so I am not sure how we get the paperwork to her. Not seeing an abundance of any kind of wildlife in our backyard, but it is completely fenced in. We do have some rabbits though, so we are careful to check first before we let Jake in the backyard. He usually patrolled the back fence and went bonkers if someone walked by or someone was walking their dog. Yesterday he didn't even run, he just paced back and forth waiting for a victim. I've watched videos on you tube where people are filming wild animals roaming around their neighbourhoods. I've also seen videos showing rivers that are wonderfully clean and clear. I think it was China and India that showed skies without the usual dense pollution. I suppose it's true that every cloud has a silver lining, but the thing is: once this virus has run its course mankind will automatically revert to its previous behaviour. The weather here is getting nice so I am going outside and sitting on my deck stairs while Jake roams his kingdom. I'm pretty sure I send my neighbours into a large scale panic when I cough which kinda bothers me. I called my cousin and she is thinking about fostering a dog so more spaces can be freed up and I told her to do that. Then I told her to also be prepared to adopt the dog because she would fall in love with it. She started laughing and then asked me how I knew that would happen. I told her the dog would use his or her puppy dog eyes and melt her heart. I told her not to let that keep her from fostering a dog since a dog will add so much to her now single life. Aside from that she will have a companion so she won't feel so alone. She told me everyone in the family is fine, no one has contracted the virus as of yet. I'm keeping everyone in my prayers.
  4. Yep, he's a grampaw!
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  6. 9568 Thank you for reminding us, Dave!
  7. 9567 🌴🌴🌴 Sorry, couldn't find a Palm Frond
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    Who do you mean? Rubberman?
  10. Hey Gramps, so how many grandkids do you have now? How is everyone at your end? Are you even able to see your grandkids? I have that social distancing thing down pat. Kinda hard not to since I never leave the house. Since Dave is a trucker he is considered an essential worker so he's out and about every day. He says since hardly anyone else is out driving it's quite nice for all the truckers traffic wise, but he's not too keen on using porta potties.
  11. I don't know how Nvidia tools looks for anything. I don't think it has that capability. Nvidia tools is something other programs use.
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