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  2. I am so happy you were able to go and get your injuries checked and to know you are on the mend. A town north of us was hit really bad with a tornado 2 people were killed and like 40 people were injured. I sorry about the loss his boss suffered. I sincerely hope and pray your pain level gets better very soon and allows you to get your rest.
  3. So.....I did go to emergency last night cause this is just so painful. Good news---nothing is broken BAD NEWS--🤬My right knee and my right side have very severe deep tissue bruising. That is going to take weeks to heal. By weeks the Dr said possibly 3 months. The elbow injury is close to 1/2 inch deep because they think that part landed on a stone and the stone pushed it's way into my elbow as deep as it could. The left foot is sprained and also has deep tissue bruising. My right side, well that injury has developed into a hematoma. I have to keep a close eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected. The Dr was just amazed from the severity of my injuries that were caused by a simple fall, meaning not from a great distance or height. Well you know, if I am going to do something, I never go for a easy way. If I can somehow manage to make it really bad, yep, that's what I do. You either run with the big dogs or you stay on the porch. I should have stayed on the porch! Other bad news that has nothing to do with me, Dave's boss had a tornado strike at a farm he rents. Two concrete silos are completely demolished and the actual amount of the tornado's destruction is MASSIVE! We have a lot of trees down in our area, and one tree on our property kinda decided to have a nap on our neighbour's shed. Do not even ask me how Jake and I actually slept through that, especially since I wake a lot from pain.
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  5. Dear Lady MissionMouse, These recolours are quite nice. Thank you for them. They shall have the ladies of Schnee Falls appearing fashionably warm.
  6. Wow, Jake has always been such an amazing dog but for him to know to only lick the edges of you bruised area, well I guess it shouldn't surprise me. Amazing just simply amazing. I am happy to hear that you are doing somewhat better too! Hugh
  7. Today I was able to go up and down the stairs the same way as before my fall. It's wobbly but at least I can do that. Unfortunately there is no lessening of the throbbing, or the shooting pains, or the pain in general. I am exhausted because I cannot get a good night's sleep as the shooting and stabbing pains keep me awake. Jake has taken to sleeping in his dog bed that is underneath my desk. He is sticking to me quite closely and checking on me a lot. The new friend I thought I'd made, yeah she hasn't ever contacted me, so I guess that's a bust. Walking around is still a challenge because my left leg isn't very stable and goes wonky from time to time. It has made carrying food from the kitchen to my desk a challenge. I have dropped what I made onto the floor and Jake is more than happy to get an unexpected meal. It simply doesn't occur to him that he is eating MY meal. On the bright side he does a very impressive clean up of any accidental droppage of food. He just goes into hoover mode and the mess disappears. His version of care is so sweet, he gently licks around the bruised area of my right knee, careful to never lick the actual bruised part. How he knows not to touch that area is a mystery to me. Every once in a while, while he is in his dog bed, under my desk, he will reach out with a paw and gently place that paw on my right foot. I do believe that he knows how much that gesture touches my heart. When I do need to lay down, he's taken to bringing a ball upstairs into my bed that he pushes under my chin. He doesn't want to play with the ball, he just wants to make sure his favourite toy is close to me and that he is sharing it with me for comfort. He insists on a full face cleaning and then nods off. I need to now.
  8. I have recently started to visit them again and I was so sad to hear about this. It is hard for sites to go on when the costs are getting bigger and bigger.
  9. And just when I thought things were as bad as they were going to get....guess what??? On my right side, from my hip to my waist, it has also been completely bruised. I'm kinda like a very dark coloured rainbow. A rather ugly coloured rainbow to boot. I wondered why my side was also having shooting pains. Now I know! I hope there are no more surprises. I'm about at the end of my rope.
  10. Oh MM, this is not good at all! You need medical attention, my dear friend. My heart goes out to you, I am crying with you. I keep you in my prayers. I so agree with Beck! I need a bathroom as near to my bedroom as possible, otherwise I am in trouble - which make overnight visits to almost any other place really difficult for me.
  11. Oh gosh to have your bathroom on the upper liven would be torcher for me. Is there anyway you could keep some food upstairs so that you could just stay up there for most of the time? My prayers are with you please get better very soon MM. Hugh and much love!
  12. Well things took a turn for the worse. My left foot has some kind of injury as well and putting weight on that foot in order to get around is very painful. It also makes going up and down the stairs an exercise in determination for me. Food is downstairs on the main floor, bedroom and bathroom are on the upper floor. Jake is having a difficut time as well as he is so upset whenever I cry from either pain or frustration. It's a tad bit difficult right now to try and maintain my wacky sense of humour.
  13. I just read this on SimPearls: It is with a very heavy heart, to announce that this year's DOTY will be our last. SimPearls will sadly be closing at the end of March next year due to hosting costs. When SimPearls first opened, I was using Lunarpages, (who I had been with for years) a reasonably priced host who charged £127 a year and the forum never had any problems, but about 2½ years ago they were taken over by Hostpapa and about 6 months later we started having a lot of downtime, errors and getting popups that the forum was, in a word, "too busy" Hostpapa were no help, just said we were using too many resources and basically would have to upgrade to stay online. I didn't want to close the forum, so I relented and with the financial help of myself, Betsy and the members, which I am forever grateful for, we upgraded to the business account at a reduced cost of around £350. I recently looked at the renewal cost, which will be in May next year and the cost is a staggering £720 which I feel is way too much to pay just to keep the forum going and in no way would I expect to ask for help for such a large amount of money. Saying that, from now until we close in March 2023, it's business as usual so please don't leave us yet! We would like to take this opportunity, to thank each and every one of you for all your support for the last 7 incredible years, it's been a honour and a priviledge to have known and interacted with you guys
  14. Oh MM, I am so sad about what happened to you! I am praying that the pain will leave now and that you will heal fast and completely, in the Name of Jesus May God bless Heather for the kindness she showed you!
  15. I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain, MM, I will pray for your recovery. It is a good thing that you found a new friend and I hope you will continue to talk.
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  17. I just email images to myself using my affinitysims.com email from my gmail.com email they don't usually go through, but I am able to find the images in my sent box. I think that I coud actually use my charger wire and just connect it to a USB port on my computer though. Just a little side note. I don't know if you remember when we were talking about Putin I said it seemed like he is acting like someone who has a terminal demise and I just read that one of his Generals said Putin has something sort of terminal illness. I'm sorry but I am not sad at all and feel it is a good thing.
  18. I have searched everywhere but cannot find the cord I need to transfer the photos on my phone to my laptop. Then I tried to get facebook on my cell phone, again I couldn't get that figured out. In any case, the photos I have of my injuries from today might be a wee bit too graphic, which was why I tried to get my cell phone to have facebook on it.
  19. Oh MM I am in tears and my heart breaks for you. I'm so very sorry you are in so much pain. My tears are mixed with pain and joy for you friend and her wonderful kindness. Thank you for sharing your plight with us. Again I am so very sorry for your pain and my prayers are with you and Dave.
  20. 3 years ago I had a very bad fall going up the stairs in my home. Today, 2 hours ago I had another horrible fall outside in the parking lot at the shoppers drugmart, after getting my booster shot. My elbow is horribly scraped and my knee is scraped in a couple of spots and is horrifically bruised pretty much entirely. My knee and elbow are also throbbing pretty much non stop. I had made some great progress in going up and down the stairs but now all that progress is completely lost. A lot of people immediately came to help me after the fall, some woman looked after Jake, while others struggled with assisting me to get into our truck. It was not an easy task as my knee kept giving out, but eventually they did get me into the truck. I made a new friend though. Heather refused to leave my side until Dave could get out to the truck. He was inside getting his booster shop and had no idea what had happened to me. Although Heather probably had errands she was running, she put everything on hold just to stay with me. We talked a lot and discovered we have many things in common and we exchanged names and numbers. Yes, I have been crying a lot, but this is very painful, constantly throbbing with the occasional stabbing pains shooting through both my elbow and my knee. I ask that you keep me in mind while you pray and for some more patience for uploads. I actually had 4 outfits all ready, but sitting at my laptop is just too uncomfortable right now. Thank you for your prayers and continued patience. May God bless each and everyone of you. With Love MissionMouse
  21. That is a great service to have MM!
  22. That is awesome MM! Well, I am one of your fans That is very important. May I ask which virus protector? Wow! we have more than 50 "Guests" online right now haha! Enjoy!!
  23. OH MY GOSH!!!! I just found out that my next door neighbour works for a freah food delivery service. He has no idea we are about to become besties!! And NO, not for free things, it's just going to be so awesome that I can order foods that I like without Dave grouching. I like my vegetables, Dave not so much. I like different fruits than Dave. This is just so awesome cause I can order things without asking Dave to make a grocery run just for stuff I like!
  24. I have an excellent paid virus protection installed and I have it set up to scan my laptop on a daily basis. It does have a free version but because I upload things for others to download, I take that as my responsibility to provide a download that is virus free. It was recommended to me by an IT professional when I was discussing with him what I did. Turned out this guy's wife is a huge Sims 2 fan and was jealous that he knew *MissionMouse* Now this was a hilarious situation because I was overwhelmed to find I actually had *fans* He called his wife from his workplace and told her he had a surprise for her and then put the phone on speaker phone. That was the most hilarious phone call I have ever had. She kept saying, "NO, you are not MissionMouse" and I kept saying "I can't believe I have fans" To prove to her I was who I said I was, I told her what my next 2 uploads would be. Only thing was, I forgot to ask her what was her name.
  25. Wow! I agree with Beck! I also never heard about that. I was concerned that might have a virus on your pc I am so thankful you resolved the problem! Good for you!
  26. Oh my goodness I never heard of this. I'm really proud of you for figuring it out.
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