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  4. I'll see what I can do on this LilSister.
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    Mission Mouse

    I do know the feeling.... I just made some maternity clothes for my game that are rather retro looking, and couldn't help but think that Nonni would have loved them. But I had trouble finding maternity style clothing I actually wanted to use in my game for much the same reason. Too skimpy, too modern, what woman while pregnant really wants to wear 3 inch heels? I have decided I am old as well lol.
  6. I actually bought this last computer from Amazon from a seller called skytech. Really nice computer fairly priced. And yes it sounds like geek squad made a real mess of things! I would stick to staples too. Around here best buy went to more of a tablet, phone, Chromebook and tv store. I miss the old best buy.
  7. Gayars, I lost the link and sign in information for your Discord. I don't actually mind Windows 10 except for that fact that an update killed my hard drive a while back and getting that repaired by Geek Squad was a total nightmare. If that ever happens again I am just going to buy a new computer. I am still finding garbage that Geek Squad installed that I have to get rid of. I will never set foot in Best Buy again. I am going to stick to Staples from now on.
  8. I think it is quite possible that this quarantine has aged me and not slowly either. This is serious I scrolled through my favourite site looking for more outfits to recolour. As stuff loads onto my screen, this is me! (minus the beard of course) What is with the very skimpy clothings? Does everyone's grandma dress like Kim Kardashian? The *Less is More* really only applies to make-up as far as I am concerned. I found myself asking myself why bother creating that? It's barely there I swear some stuff is just a strategic piece of ribbon placed here and there. I hope I don't get cremated in those outfits. Then again I have no problem getting cremated in my jammies! Think about it, do you want to be sashaying around in eternity in a fancy formal ball gown with 3 inch stilettos or something comfortable? I'm opting for comfort. I just love those creators who don't want you to recolour their stuff. Now why is that? Are they afraid someone else will put together patterns that are prettier? In my humble opinion when a creator makes something and it is recoloured, that is a vary sincere compliment to the creator. If I don't like it I don't download it to recolour. I do admit every so often as seeing that *Do Not Recolour* as a challenge. I'M OLD, I AM ALLOWED TO BE CROTCHETY! ( Is 61 old?) With one or two exceptions, notably GorillaGorillaGorilla and Rusty, I skip those that use Ad-Fly. Then I also add the link for Google that you download to skip Ad-Fly. I found myself going, tsk, tsk, tsk at some clothing, pretty sure that is an old lady thing. It's also something I only started doing which is why I think this quaranting is aging me. There are some aged women living on my street and by aged I mean in their 80's and I just keep picturing them going to the grocery store in see through skirts and barely there crop tops. I've near killed myself laughing so hard. All they need is that bright blue neon coloured hair and they're good to go! (As a side note I do kinda wanna recolour my hair neon purple) I can only hope that I never appear in public dressed that badly and if I do then you will all know I have lost my mind entirely. Please see to it that my next stop is a care home for If you are in a rush for time and want to save Dave the money for a care home, a speeding big truck will also do nicely.
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