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  2. Thank you, Gina! They definitely are a must have!
  3. Ugh! Crazy me thought it was for Sims 4 - installed them there and the game won't open! So now it's where they are supposed to be in Sims 2 and so pretty! Thank you again Gina !
  4. See where it says *Linked Files*, directly below that one is *Add Another*
  5. I did, but because it is two downloads, you couldn't tell which was which 😄 so I just did it both ways 😄
  6. Awesome job. Do you need help with using the downloads button to be the link to SFS? Look at the left of the screen when you are uploading, there is a button there that lets you paste the link to SFS.
  7. These are really adorable and boy clothing is so hard to find. Thanks so much for creating and sharing with us.
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  9. Guest

    Toddler Country and Western Clothes

    Excellent! They look fabulous! (I think I'm going to default 'em so I have them always on my toddlers).
  10. 8 downloads

    These are recolors of a Sims 2 base game toddler mesh (think overalls) to look more like the clothes my grandson wears locally. They have a nice country and western flair. There are boys only versions and ones for both boys and girls. The downloads buttons don't have writing so I inserted them in, with the blue writing above. The boys is the top downloads button and the bottom is for boys and girls if you hit the actual downloads button
  11. You don't have to save the pictures, just choose *upload new version* delete the old file and then paste in the link to SFS. It will push the file to the front of Nonni's uploads. I'm doing mine that way so I can keep better track of the ones I have moved to SFS.
  12. Please note that sometimes I go in and remove the version number on the categories I missed and it will say I uploaded a new version. I have gone in and fixed the clothing categories and hopefully there won't be anymore.
  13. Lovely top MM and so many colors to choose from! Thanks so much for creating and sharing.
  14. Last week
  15. I am unable to get to the mesh page. Norton's keeps stopping a cyber attack when I click the link. Is it possible the link to the mesh is incorrect?
  16. Sorry forgot my real reason for wanting to say something. I have found several links that do not work to our own posts and the darn search option is worthless.
  17. Do you mean our tumbler site? That is just so difficult to even figure out what is what on there. I mean what's there is nice but there isn't anyway to organize the files. The sad part is it only used a small section of the screen in the middle and more wasted space on both sides, then is used for the pics. I was thinking maybe something would work on Facebook. I don't know it's just something I've been toying with for quite awhile, it's just that it would take such a long time to set up. I realized today I have been here for just over 12 years. I also, noticed you have 14 pages of posts which is also the number of pages I have. You have really done so much!
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