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  2. Try deleting the files and replacing them with new ones. The game writes things to the control file and sometimes causes gliches.
  3. Hi, Rebekka - and thanks a lot for your awesome work, too. Some of my sheep (not all) move backwards after I bought them. They even eat with their butt. x) Is there something I can do about that?
  4. thank you! i'm gonna try everything now. hope you're having a great weekend!
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  6. I use the MCC mod along with my mod and yes it does stop them from performing the drink action autonomously. You can however direct them to get a drink if you want to do so.
  7. Hello, I am wondering if this mod will stop the, get water action. I use MC tuner to stop certain interactions, but this one action of get water is not listed and my sims are constantly doing it. Thanks!
  8. Yes for the most part it is ok to do so.
  9. Hi Rebecah-- as i'm redownloading fresh copies of all of your farm animals (love!), i'm reading through comments just in case i've missed any updates and noticed LilSister's. would it be okay to remove some files that look like duplicates-- like the food and water trough?
  10. What a lovely series of conversions - thank you very much!
  11. Oh, how cool! Thank you for all your goodies!!!
  12. Yay! Thank you, Beck! I love to have a choice with the bedding and frames
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    Some of the frames are from Sims 2 and some are from Sims 4. Although most of the Sims 4 frames have been done by other creators. I had to size them all to fit my mattresses. The mattresses use the Sims 2 bedding format. The long blanket version does require Seasons everything else is the base game. No Cheats are needed to place the mattress or the frames. The regular mattress was from the queen bed that has 10s for energy, and stress and I believe it is a discomfort setting. I set the long mattress via the tag and within the coding for the type. There are 90 bedding textures for each mattress. I believe I have all of the EA textures and many of my own. I also made the pillows larger. I added some basic recolors for the Sims 4 frames as most of the EA textures are so dark and dreary. I like bright and clean textures myself.
  14. These are beautiful. Added them to my project files for recolouring too.
  15. You have been very busy, I can see I have a lot to keep me busy too!
  16. Oh wow, you did it! Thank you so very much, Beck! You are the best!
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    I converted 7 of the Sims 2 beds into toddler beds for our Sims 4 Toddlers. I found it is not so easy to do the beds as you have to be sure they do not go through the floors nor can they be close to the walls. I did check to be sure they could be placed without having to use the bb.moveobjects cheat. I was only going to upload 6 but I finally got the classical bed to work, it was a challenge. The mattress is separate and may be placed without using a cheat. I have 59 textures for the mattress in the same design used by Sims 2. I pulled all bedding for an EA bed to use on this mattress. All frames have the EA textures also. Feel free to add any beddings you might have from Sims 2. I do not use the small little section of the bedding I use the full bed texture. Issues: The only issue I know of is that you have to move the mattress and frame separately. The extra benefit is you may recolor the frame and bedding separately.
  18. Thank you very much, Beck! I would love to have some of these in Sims 4
  19. 40 downloads

    I had a request from "The Dark Lady" on MTS for more toddler beds like my Princess Bed posted there a long time ago Click here to view it and it is here also Click here. Well I was perplexed about using so many GUID numbers since we no longer are able to get new blocks of numbers. So I decided to create the frame separate from the mattress by cloning a rug. Unfortunately the game does not do a very good job of creating an good icon in the catalog. Also note: the 2 green tiles show up when you place the mattress but the third is just for the joints to work properly. You may place anything on that third tile. All frames are 50 simolons each the mattress is 800. All are found under beds. I created custom animations for the mattress using Wes_h's mods. I tried to get the child books to appear when a toddler makes the bed but I was not successful. If you don't like seeing a toddler make the bed then please do not download this item. The other issues is the children sometimes bleed through the blankets. The blanket is a bit high on toddlers from time to time. I removed the portion of the blanket that covered between the blanket and bed as I could not get it to work. Video link to view how the mattress works on the princess bed. I completely forgot my first version of this was the cast away set and I don't know where that went. I will have to search for it. This info still applies to this mattress. Thanks so "The Dark Lady" for make this request.
  20. Oh, this is really a beautiful set! Wow! Thank you, Beck!
  21. 36 downloads

    Thanks to Alet testing she found the dining chair in this set needed to be raised up a bit so that it may be placed inside. If you use the bb.moveobjects cheat you don't need to worry about this. Thanks so much Alet for all your help and testing. Wood 4 Sims - Bavaria Outside Set - - Converted from Sims 2 to Sims 4 Barstool - 250 Outdoor Dining Chair - 125 Outdoor Living Room Chair - 250 Outdoor Lounger - 300 Outdoor Bench - 150 Outside Bench with Canopy - 250 Outside Bench with Canopy 2 - 150 1x1 Dining Table - 375 1x1 Dining Table - 375 1x2 Dining Table - 425 1x2 Dining Table2 - 425 Grill - 750 requires SP12 Toddlers is required for this Umbrella Table - 250 I wasn't going to include the 1x2 tables because the game makes them look strange with only a half of a shadow. There seems to be a bug or something as several of the items get a half shadow on them. If I turn the item in a different direction the shadow stays and does not move with the item. If I angle the tables the shadow is over most of the table. The grill was my ultimate challenge but after many attempts I got it.
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    Thanks to Alet testing she found most of the tables in this set needed to be raised up a bit so that it may be placed inside. If you use the bb.moveobjects cheat you don't need to worry about this. Thanks so much Alet for all your help and testing. This image shows just how little the legs were bleeding through. However, when I lift up the table it changes all those slots for placing things. Long story short the tables are very fussy to work with. I also added two new tables! Wood 4 Sims - Bavaria Dining Room Set - - Converted from Sims 2 to Sims 4 2x2 Dining Table - 850 2x2 Dining Table plain - 850 1x3 Dining Table - plain - 500 1x1 Dining Table -350 1x2 Dining Table - 500 1x2 Dining Table Empty - 450 Dining Chair - 150 Hutch - 550 Corner Chair - 45 Bench - 75 These two items look like the Bench only each side is flat not rounded on the end. Bench Right Side - 75 Bench Left Side - 75 Sorry I did not make many in game pics. I may add some later, I just wanted to get this posted as soon as I could. I am out of room on my Sims lot.
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