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  4. I've never been successful with wild baby bunnies. I heard they have heart attacks very easily. So sad. Everytime Oliver runs outside he barks before he even touches his paws to the porch as if to alert anything that might be out there ahead of time, so hopefully he won't catch anything..He failed to do that last winter and came face to face with an opossum that was on the porch when I opened the door, but I did not notice it until Oliver was already out and standing inches from it. He growled, I scooped him up, and it ran.
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  6. It's not just in Canada..We are in a monopoly here as well..and yep, can't get internet at all without their cable tv package either!
  7. Awww! Poor little bunnies! I guess after that disaster they probably moved away. With our large dogs there is no way any other creature can survive here We now only see sparrows and the lard rock pigeons here.
  8. I am experiencing intermittent internet connections and my uploads to SFS keep timing out. My internet provider is attempting to push a TV service on me, which I adamantly do not want. Here in Canada we are truly victims of internet monopolies between two companies. You either have one or the other, smaller companies just cam't supply the speed needed for downloading and uploading.
  9. NOT funny, we have a nest of wild baby bunnies in our backyard and I didn't know they were there. Yep. let Jake out cause he had a serious case of those zoomies and much to late I saw that he had caught one of the baby bunnies. I did manage to get him to stop and I picked up the wee bunny, but it passed away. Michael managed to get a picture of one of the surviving siblings and they are utterly adorable. They are much smaller than domesticated rabbits and if I can get Michael to send me the picture, I'll post it here.
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