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    Checked for needed update on July 18, 2023, and no changes needed. Lil Chili Pepper on MTS created this a few years back and I've been using it up until today. I had to add new sections to the mod to make it work. I only updated the version I use. If someone wants others, please let me know. My Sims quit completing paintings and would not continue them. Once I put this in my folder my sims were able to continue a painting he'd started. You may find LCP's version Click here.
  3. I just laughed so hard at the surprise, lol. And I am still using the same avatar image, how many years now? LOL!
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    SLIDESHOW This is a 4 to 2 conversion done by Julie J and then made available for teens by DeeDee. It was by far my most favourite Robe in the Sims 4. The Sims 4 version is HERE Hopefully this is the correct file as I messed up the previous upload for this and never even noticed! This getting old thing can seriously affect my brain from time to time. I do not recolour elder meshes, I make the adult recolours and then use Wardrobe Wrangler to *Enable* my recolours for the Elders. These recolours are obviously in the *Sleepwear* section because I just don't see these as appropriate in any of the other sections. Granny would NOT be pleased to have this as a formal dress and I rather doubt Gramps would like that either. (rather lame attempt at humour) I have The Sims2 Ultimate Collection installed on my computer and these recolours were made using that version of Bodyshop. I do not play my game on line, so my game is as up to date as is possible since I play off-line.
  5. I got the picture's to upload, but posted one picture twice. Sorry about that.
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    This is a platasp_4t2trillykelovespell dress and although I don't care for the shoes, I do think the dress is cute. I have the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection installed on my computer and these recolours were made using that version of Bodyshop The dress can be found in the *Everyday* category for teens adults and elders. I do not recolour elder clothing so the elder dresses are*enabled* using *The Wardrobe Wrangler* Hope your Sims ladies enjoy these recolours.
  7. What a beautiful dress! Thank you, MM
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    Link for the pictures is HERE This is a 4 to 2 conversion by Vulrien and I think this is a cute, fun, flirty dress for summer. I did make some Christmas recolours as well cause not everyone lives where there is snow in winter. Right now where I live we are digging out from a snowstorm, fun times. There was not a teen version of this dress and I did my usual thing by elder enabling this dress because I do NOT recolour elder meshes. Personally I do not like droopy elder ladies in my game, This dress is in the *Everyday* category for both elder and adult females. I made these recolours using the Bodyshop version from *The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection* It's the one I use to go into my game. I do not play on-line, so the version I play of Sims 2 is as up to date as possible. Hope your Sims ladies have fun with this dress.
  9. It's okay, I'm always happy to help. This getting old is really bites for me too.
  10. I fixed the download and the link is in the description. I am making so many mistakes and I am so sorry. This getting old thing just bites.
  11. I need you to fix the file link please it is just downloading an image.
  12. Thanks Rebecah, I still don't understand why posting the pictures will not work for me.
  13. I got the one image to post in the description. Sorry I messed up on the image and file setting.
  14. I have no idea why I cannot get the pictures to upload, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
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    These are recolours of an outfit converted by Vulrien, the link to the originals is HERE Here is the actual download I am somewhat partial to suits as I find them to be a classic outfit that time never gets tired of. I don't see these as being suited for formal occasions, but I do see them as perfect for a brunch or a fancy backyard get together. I even think they are great for work outfits, because they do give off an air of professionalism. The pictures are not showing and I am very sorry for that, but I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. I am done trying because this has stressed me out and reduced me to tears. Hope you all like them. Slide Show
  16. Such a lovely dress ! I love the matching shoes. Thank you, MM!
  17. I cannot figure out how to get the outfits on the smaller size to show up as gifs. Sorry about that.
  18. Wow, lots of beautiful textures. Thanks for sharing with us!
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    This is from a mesh by Withered Lilies from a very long time ago. The dress can be found in the everyday category and is also elder enabled, meaning it shows up in the elder category of elder dresses for everyday. I have The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection installed and these outfits were made using that version of Bodyshop. My game is as up to date as is possible. I cannot get the pictures to upload properly so here is a link https://next.photobucket.com/u/MissionMouse1958 <img src="https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/i/MissionMouse1958/2-EmmyDress.jpg" alt="2-EmmyDress"/>
  20. Try deleting the files for the animal and put a new one in. The game writes things to the control file and that will cause it not to work after awhile. You could just replace the control file if you prefer.
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