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  2. Good :). I am glad you like it.
  3. This is wonderful! Thank you! I will certainly make use of this!
  4. Last week
  5. This is so cool, never would have thought of this, I like it.
  6. Guest

    Buyable Teddy Bear Stand

    Thanks for the update!
  7. Ok realized I forgot the price bhav for multiple objects duh. Rather I did have it in there originally but don't know what happened. I must have been cleaning the package up and deleted it. So readded it. Two people downloaded in that time so hopefully they catch the message 😕
  8. 9425 In loving memory of Nonni
  9. I will put the teddy bear stand up this weekend. Sunday is my one day off this weekend so will probably be then.
  10. Good for you Gina! It's always great to see someone improve on their creations.
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