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  4. No, they are *Shreddies* although we do have shredded wheat. I'm having internet connection issues which is why I haven't been able to upload stuffs.
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  6. Shreddies? Shredded wheat? We are so serious with our food here in the US.. Would love to call my cereal 'Shreddies'! But then, where I live we call soda 'POP', so that's fun. Right?
  7. Rebecah-I think that soothers might be a Canadian thing. I know that's what we called them and when I first saw them called binkies I just loved that term so much better. *Ned* I'm so proud of Oliver and that he knows how to *Oliver* (told you I was gonna call you Ned, from now on) Marbi--a kitty!!!! Cats actually do the best zoomies, however they usually do them in the middle of the night. Do you ladies have *Shreddies* in the US? In case you don't, it's a cereal. I just found out that when Michael and Dave have a bowl for breakfast, they also give Jake his own bowl of shreddies. So I had some for breakfast.....yep, Jake had some too. He doesn't get milk on his though. Currently I have my feet tucked into his one dog bed that is under my desk and he is laying on top of my feet keeping them nice and toasty. Which is exactly what he SHOULD be doing since I cannot find my slippers! Why can't he hide Dave's slippers for a change? The sort of good thing is that he has never chewed shoes. Also I believe I have the ONLY dog in the world who doesn't like peanut butter. When I have that for breakfast Jake pouts.
  8. It doesn't seem like there is ever as much for the males as the females. Thanks for sharing these great recolors!
  9. Version - Sims 4


    I actually made recolours of a base game sweater for our male Simmies. I bet you all thought you'd never see this. My step-son, Michael keeps pestering me to do things for the guys as well and to get some peace and quiet I complied. This particular sweater is a favourite of mine, I just really like the looks of it and it did need some more colours and pattern options. Since I don't often do men's clothing I do feel I must warn you there are a LOT of sweaters in this package. Happy Simming Everyone!
  10. Thanks for sharing with us! You find the coolest items to share!
  11. Version - Sims 4


    You will need the MESH I am such a fan of oversize sweaters when they are not a mini dress, but an actual sweater. I do think this one is quite lovely and very cozy! I really like this sweater paired up with some leggings but it also looks fantastic with pants. I do want to thank HallowSims for making such a wonderful Overize Sweater and in case she ever sees this to tell her I was also very happy recolouring it. Happy Simming Everybody!
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