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  2. Marbi. I am almost finished with them. Then I will get Mike to test them in his game and if they work, I will upload them.
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  4. I love those. Very nice pattern and colours.
  5. It is Monday the 15th at 10:28pm and I finally have something to show for all that time I spent trying to teach myself how to recolour an in-game sofa and chair. It is from the Pets expansion and is the *Needs more Pillows* sofa and arm chair. I have 13 more patterns and this could possibly be the only furniture I recolour. It was a very slow, tedious and laborious undertaking and I just don't know if I want to spend that much time on stuff like this. I did notice a definite lack of nice carpets.....and painted walls........
  6. Famous last words * it will probably take me another 2 hours tomorrow* Um.....yeah, I've been at this all day. Now I am finding some wee tiny errors and I just cannot let this go until I fix those pesky errors. This is what it's like being a Virgo.
  7. 😡 Oh that frustrating couch! Normally to make a template I just use a solid colour and paint over top of what I want to change. Then I put that over top of a blank image equal in size and use a tool to make that blank. That is then my template. Well this couch..it won't let me paint over top of it. I am having to cut out each individual piece, and that's a ton of work. The thing is, I've gotten so far already that now I am so stubborn that I am going to finish the darn thing. The problem with that is that I don't watch the clock and I'm always shocked at how long I am doing stuffs like this. I started with the template for this particular sofa and it was around 7pm. It's now 1:13 am and I just stopped for the night. I'm not finished cutting out the parts I need to and it will probably take me another 2 hours tomorrow. Dave was watching me for a while and asked how I could sit here for as long as I was, doing something so tedious. Then he smacks himself on the forehead and says, "Oh I forgot. You're a Virgo." We had Swiss Chalet for supper tonight and we always take some of the meat and put it in a bowl for Jake. After he was done what we gave him, he went to each person and put a paw on their leg. The funny part, we all tried to hide giving him more. I always tell people that there is nothing spoiled about Jake There isn't, he is the boss of this house so we have to listen to him. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  8. Im happy for you that you found out what the problem was and I do admire you for all the work you do. This is something I would never learn to do. I don't have the patience to learn and if I have to have to do it over again because something does not work would make me mad and crazy.
  9. Two days I have been at this and I've still not got it completely. I did make a test recolour for the Trash Sofa and Chair, but only the chair shows up. So it's back to the drawing board. I did finally go to Sims4Studio and I now know that you have to remove all of the in-game swatches and have only your own in order for your recolour to show up. I must have forgotten to remove all of the sofa swatches. Now this only works with objects that came with the game. It doesn't work for CC objects. Plus, because I do not play the game I had no idea that this sofa requires your Sim to get certain achievements. However in Sims4Studio you can make it buyable. I'm off to . My brain is not used to working so hard and I'm exhausted.
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