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  2. I know you do not like the Ultimate Collection version of Sims 2, but it does work. If all else fails you could consider using that. I really almost hate to suggest it, but I do know it works, once you are able to get your graphics setting setup.
  3. Dave told me I am too hard on computers. He returned the lemon, got a refund and then ordered a new one. That means he knows how much I spent, but only on the desktop, not the monitor. Needless to say, he is not happy with me. Not even when I told him I used my own money and none of his. I was supposed to be saving to get my teeth yanked and a full set of dentures, but hey I NEEDED a new computer. I'll just start saving again for my teeth. On a funny note, Jake is sleeping in his bed, under my desk and SNORING!
  4. Sims 2 doesn't recognize my video card, so I searched for a fix and GUESS WHAT? The game won't open anymore. I posted to Leefish and am waiting for their help. Since Sims 2 doesn't recognize my video card, it won't open in windows mode. That means I cannot take pictures of what I make to upload my stuff. I am this close.>< to having a gigantic meltdown. 😭
  5. That is wonderful, MM! I am so happy for you!
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  7. Oh Wow, I'm so very happy for you and happy to see you got online again.
  8. Long story. The new computer I got turned out to be a lemon. I had to take it back to the store, get a refund and then the store ordered a new for me and got it delivered there. Then we had to take in my external hard drive so the new computer could be set up. They called Friday, Dave picked it up and brought it to me at 7pm. From Friday night until now I have been trying to get Sims 2 to work with the advanced graphics settings. I watched this girl on Youtube who had a video about this Sims2-4GB patch. I got the patch and did what she said in her video and guess what? Yeah, that didn't work. I commented on her channel that it didn't work and she told me to try this and that....nothing worked. Then I googled that the 4GB patch didn't work and a possible solution was at Leefish. I went there an hour ago because that is how long I have been trying to get the game to work and had to uninstall it and reinstall it several times. I had to find files and manually make changes. Guess what? IT WORKS!! Then I had to do a live chat with Corel to get my Paintshop reinstalled. You have a time limit to download those files and I've had that program for a long time. They gave me new links to get it downloaded. I suppose the upside of all of this is that I now have a small book that has ALL my passwords for sites I need to log into. Oh, almost forgot, I also downloaded Sims 4 and purchased the stuff packs I didn't have. This means I can go back to recolouring stuff. I am a very happy old lady.
  9. - God bless you on this very special Birthday, Beck!
  10. Last week
  11. Cool thanks for sharing this info Marbi and I too hope you enjoy your summer.
  12. Oh, I like that! We do not have a day like that at all - in any case, here it would have been Midwinter's day Enjoy you summer days! Happy Midsummer Day to all of you! 🐬🍍🌴🌷
  13. Happy Midsummer Eve to you all. We have not had a national day to celebrate for many years, so it is probably this day that has had that significance for us. Our national day was established in 1983 and the date is June 6, which was previously the day of the Swedish flag. Even though we now have a national day, midsummer is still important as a family holiday and the beginning of summer.
  14. Happy Birthday Sugah!

  15. Wow, MM you have sure had your share of computer problems. I'm so sorry! Best of luck to you on the new one.
  16. The tooth fairy was a no show. Then this happened.....my brand new computer is a lemon!! I had to return it yesterday and the store has ordered me another one. The darn thing kept crashing and rebooting. I couldn't do anything on it because of that. The good thing is that it did all this before the 2 week trial period was up, and that's why I get another brand new one. Now it's just waiting for it to arrive and get set up. It has 2 CPU thingies and they both were defective. Now that could only happen to me. In the meantime I shall struggle to not die of boredom. A good thing is that all of my Sims2 and Sims4 files are backed up on 3 external hard drives. I did kinda know that I have a wee addiction problem with those games and creating recolours, how ever I didn't actually realize how much of an addiction I have. It's a tad bit serious. I have no idea what to do with myself and Jake is getting tired of chasing his ball. He just took his ball and buried it in his bed, gave me the stink eye, laid on top of his ball and has gone to sleep. I never would have believed that it was possible to throw his ball too many times. The new computer won't be ready until sometime this weekend. It's hard to be patient when I have already waited so long. I mean at my age you tend to forget things.......and when I finally do get the computer it just might be a huge shock to my system.
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  18. My goodness, indeed! That is so weird! I hope the tooth fairy did surprise you with a little gift
  19. My right back molar (tooth) just fell out. Seriously, it just fell out! No pain when it fell out, and now I can delay going to the dentist! It was really hurting for the last few days and now the pain has disappeared. So.....will the tooth fairy leave me some cash under my pillow?
  20. I've been on remote assistance with Staples, they think it is a hardware problem. I have to back up ALL my files and call them back tomorrow.
  21. Good luck with it MM sorry I just do not know what the problem might be.
  22. So...I uninstalled, rebooted my desktop, reinstalled and opened the game. It works. UNTIL you put the *-w*, then it crashes. Forget the CD crack, that makes it crash too. I have no idea who to ask.....except for trying to find gayars on Discord and see if I can ask her there.
  23. I have the -w at the end and it still won't open. I'm thinking that I may have to uninstall and reinstall Sims2. I don't know what else to do.
  24. This is why I don't play Sims 2 anymore. It is just too much trouble.
  25. I found where someone suggest you run Sims 2 in window mode instead of full screen. To do that you have to start your game from a shortcut on your desktop with a -w at the end of your Target option. See image:
  26. It sounds like the GRM didn't setup properly, but I can only guess. That is suppose to fix that 9c error.
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