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Small Dorm, Updated

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icon2.gif Posted 12 October 2007 - 10:32 PM

I'm not very good at building but wanted to build a dorm that's homely for my Sim kids at university.

The result is this four room dorm. It looks more like a home than a hostel and have a bit extra to make life more interesting, (like the hot tub, fishing, gardening :)) but there definitely is an academic atmosphere also.

It took quite a extensive policies and permission hunt to get all the CC cleared. In the end I just replace most CC with Maxis objects, so not everything you see in the pictures are in the upload.

This is not a residential lot, it's a dormitory. It can only be used in a University neigbourhood.

I want to thank all the creators for their wonderful creation, user-friendly policies and friendly permissions. smile.gif

Custom Content included (either because the creators' policies allowed it or by permission via pm):

Victorian Porch Fence by Holy Simoly http://www.holysimol...go=home.aboutus

JohnBrehaut1 's One more slot packages http://www.modthesim...er.php?u=292138

MnMnFl's recolours of Maxis TieBack Curtains She sadly lost her creations when SMB closed down, so there's no link I can give, but I have her permission in pm to upload.

Marmy's Closet (recoloured by me) www.simplysimilicious.com/Sims2/S2Misc.html


Smithycpl's Ammo Case (recoloured by me) and Decorative Garden Plant http://www.modthesim...er.php?u=123870

Macarossi's Eclectic Expressions Doors, Windows, Side lights


Dinglouisa's towels. She also lost her uploads, but you can find her here: http://sims2world.freeforums.org/

Round End Table by Rebecah http://www.modthesim...ad.php?t=228289

Worship4Ever0227's Dining Table with Extendable Bench http://www.simsafe2....p?showtopic=126

Recolored Maxis Outdoor Lights http://www.simsafe2....p?showtopic=107

KevinsHope Electrical outlets http://www.simsafe2....p?showtopic=252

I have recoloured:

Maxis Myne Doors and Cheap Doors as well as Maxis Shower, toilet and sink ; Included pictures ;

Floors and walls .

Custom Content not included:

Hope Baylors Laundry set


I do hope I have everything now lol

You probably need all the EPs up to Seasons.

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