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Six default replacement pizzas

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Posted 31 August 2009 - 11:04 AM

I've made six default replacement pizzas. These will replace all of your pizzas that you call for delivery.

You Should Only Keep One Of These Files In Your Downloads Folder At A Time! Technically the only way for you to have more than one is if you delete the old one next time you close your game, and replace it with another one. The reason for this is, you only have one pizza in your game, and having more than one of these in your downloads folder will cause your game problems!

I've divided the pizzas into 3 groups:





And Veggie:



M&M cookie Pizza

Oreo Pizza



Pineapples and Canadian Bacon


Mushroom Alfredo


I hope you enjoy, I had a ton of fun making these! :birthday:

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  • Anchovies Number of downloads: 2
  • M and M cookies Number of downloads: 1
  • Mushroom Number of downloads: 2
  • Oreo Number of downloads: 1
  • Pineapple and Canadian Bacon Number of downloads: 2
  • Supreme Number of downloads: 3

Nothing but good for your future! Jer. 29:11


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Guest helenawahlberg16


They're all unusual. The one that looks like cookies and cream actually looks like a good idea for a real pizza

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