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No Flying Food In TS2!

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Posted 08 August 2009 - 07:02 PM



I was watching the way my sims eat, and it bugged me to DEATH, they are such PIGS! With this mod, your sims will not wear their food, instead they will actually eat it! there will be no flying food particles anymore. It's funny once I was showing someone how to play the sims who never got into simming, and they saw the sim eat, they said "Look at her she's a Pig!", but now you can feel free to show your friends sims eating without them being turned off to the sims, and scarred for life! lol. I hope y'all enjoy this, I'm soooo excited to be sharing this, becuase this is something that has bugged me for a very long time when I was playing, now I don't have to worry anymore! Yay for neat sims!

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Nothing but good for your future! Jer. 29:11


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Yea! My enviorment needs will thank you a lot!! (Even if flying foods desn't make it go up or down)

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This bugs me in real life...but there's nothing I can do about my brother, so I'll settle for making my Sims eat properly, then.





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Guest Océane


Laughing at this, because... Have you tried actually playing with neat Sims ? They will not eat like that. That's the point of the personality points ;)

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