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Mad Hatter Career Requested by you know who :)

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Posted 31 March 2009 - 07:58 PM This is a career I made as a request from myhatty. It's the mad hatter career! She get's most of the credit because she wrote it for me. There is only one chace card which is at the very end (level 9). I hope y'all enjoy this!


Here is a rundown of the career levels:

1.Completley Sane Hatter

You just started your career as a hatter and rumour has it this job sends you crazy.

2.Sane Hatter

I see you enjoy your hatter career who knows you might just stay sane.

3.Just Sane Hatter

You're slipping in santiy a bit, come on we can stay sane here.

4.Insane Hatter

Your'e a little insane starting to see things are you now?

5.Completley Insane Hatter

You have a very odd craving for tea for some strange reason.

6.Just Insane Hatter

You have a odd craving for un matching funriture and a long table hmmm.

7.Mad Hatter

Werid, you stared to wear a green jacket and checked trouses. A new fashion statement?

8.Completley Mad Hatter

Odd enough, you decied to live in a wood which leads into a cross roads.

9.Just Mad Hatter

You started making up silly riddles, and seem to enjoy the company of hares.

10.The Madest, Craziest Hatter Ever

Wow you seem to be the insaneist crazyist madist hatter there is! Maybe you can give myhatty a run for her money!

I've left the icon the same as slacker, because the little cup of coffee looks alot like a cup of hot tea which to me symbolizes mad hatter career perfectly, don't you just love it when things work out like that!

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