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No more repo man Testers wanted

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Posted 01 April 2009 - 07:42 PM NoRepoMan.jpg

With this mod the repo man will no longer come to your house and take your furniture away, and you will no longer get the message "Sim City Payment and Loan has noticed a lack in your bills..." or however that goes. So you too can primp beside the mailbox instead of paying your bills! I need testers. I have tested it in my game by running the game in super fast for a week after the mail arrived and not paying the bills. I saw no sign of the repo man or the message in that time. But I need to know if you all see any other errors I might have missed. I hope y'all enjoy it!

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my punked up and squatter sims had to pay rent for their ruins! oh maxis why? With your mod its going to be much more realistic to have really poor sims living like "on the street" or just in tents without electricity. It always frustrated me to check the mailbox for bills with those themed lots.

THANK YOU A LOT. :flower:

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