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No Change In Social When Scolding Pets

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About This File

This mod will make it so your sim and your pet will never get negative social points from being scolded, if you have scolded your pet a few times, they will only learn from it, and it will have no impact on the relationship of the pet and the owner.


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Thanks, Ninth!

Clever and useful for those who love the Pets EP.

In fact, you may say it is just :) EEE.



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Very nice mod which will make playing the game a bit easier and less frustrating. Building up a good relationship to the wolves (for becoming a werewolf in the end) will get a bit easier now and sims with the "becoming a werewolf wish" dont have to watch the wolves destroying and messing up everything in their gardens or houses any more while being afraid to scold them.

It seems that maxis made the wolves extra filthy :flower:

So to say a very usefull mod indeed apart from normal pets up raising and normal family with pets "and the everyone likes the other so much" thing!

You improved my gameplay! yay

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