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University Village

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My very first self-built dorms!

These dorms are modeled after the only dorms I ever stayed in. That means they are set up into clusters of four sims each. Theoretically, the boys are set up in one building and the girls in the other. Each cluster shares a kitchen, but has two bathrooms, so if your sim does get a townie roommate of the opposite gender, they don't have to share! Each room has it's own balcony, and as you may be able to tell, on the bottom floor, it's concrete with a stone boundary, and on the upper floors has wood floor and fence. So each "cluster" of four rooms shares a large kitchen and dining area. There should be plenty of room to move things around when you get in game to add a communal couch or something, but each room has a dresser and desk, as well as bed. As well as a personal sink and mirror, so they don't have to share. :)

But no worries! Even if their isn't much room to mingle in the clusters themselves there is a community center with a cafeteria for when your sims don't feel like fending for themselves, as well as providing plenty of opportunities to keep your sims busy and skilled! Not to mention, an awesome full-size pool!

Lot Type: Dorm

Lot Size: 5x3

Lot Value: n/a

EP Requirements: University

Custom Content (Included) none!

I hope you enjoy it!

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