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Baseball Bedroom Sets

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About This File

I created this set over three years ago and was working to convert it to a Sims 3, I ended up redoing most of the meshes and textures. If you have my old set please delete it before installing this one as it will cause conflicts.

There are 60 files in total, plus I created a collection file which I highly recommend that you download and install to your collection directory.

Thanks so much to MaAlet for testing files! :)/>

Double Bats Wall/Floor Sculpture - Poly - 624 $35 Pulls textures from Baseball Bat Clutter

Single Baseball Bat Clutter Poly - 312 $15 Recolor Weathered Wood

Single Baseball Bat Wall/Floor Sculpture - Poly - 312 $15 Pulls textures from Baseball Bat Clutter

Book Shelf - Poly - 1510 - $100 (Sims 3 deco only) Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey

Desk - Poly - 856 - $500 found with desks Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey

Dresser - Poly - 2169 $500 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey

End Table - Poly - 635 $125 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey

Floor Lamp - Poly - 924 $100 Recolor Weathered Wood

Baseball Helmet Sculpture - Poly - 575 $35 3 Recolors Red, Green, and Grey

Baseball Cluter - Poly - 960 - $10

Single Bed - Poly - 3040 $600 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey

Table Lamp Poly - 1302 $45 Recolor Weathered Wood

Toddler Arm Chair Poly - 1508 $50 Recolors Red and Green (required for sofa textures to work)

Toddler End Table Poly - 1134 $25

Toddler Bed Poly - 3002 $140 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey

Toddler Energy Chair Poly - 1050 $50 pulls textures from EA dining chair (3 Recolors included)

Toddler Sofa Poly - 1516 $75 Pulls textures from toddler Arm Chair

Toybox - Poly - 2530 $50 Recolors RedNBlue N GreenNGrey

Oval Rug Mesh - Poly - 216 $25 2 Recolors

Sims 2 only 4 carpet 3 wallpapers

Curtain 2 recolors

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  • Members

Thanks i love this set. are you going to make this for the sims 3?

Could i ask you to make a bible for the sims 3 like you did for the sims 2?

thanks and God bless

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  • Administrators

Yes I am working on a Sims 3 version too! It maybe a few weeks before I get it done there is a lot to this set.

I can't make animations for Sims 3, but I could make a deco bible.

Thanks and God bless you too!

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