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A rainbow in Buy Mode!

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This is so cool! It's a rainbow in buy mode! It functions just as a real rainbow should. It's placeable on the water's surface, placeable in the pool, sims can walk through it, objects can intersect it, it's viewable in the neighborhood too! It looks best the further you get from it. The closer you get to it, although it's not an object hiding thing, the more transparent it will be. It's found in decorative/sculptures and is free, because rainbows in real life are free. It's two tiles wide. It's also recolorable, base game compatible, and has it's own GUID. So I hope you like it!




Up Close, not much to See:


Viewable in the neighborhood:


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Jon, you really think of the most amazing things! This rainbow is really a great idea! Thank you very much <_<

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