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The Lord Made All things Wall Hanging

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About This File

First of all, this upload is very special to me, I'll tell you why:

About 30 years ago, just a few years before I was born, my mother was driving on a trip to the river with her two best friends. Suddenly out of nowhere, a drunk driver came through a stop sign going 60 miles an hour. He killed the girl sleeping in the backseat, paralyzed my mom from the waist down for life, and broke the pelvic bone of the girl in the passenger's seat. While my mom was in physical rehab, the nurses told her sister that she needed to do something to help strengthen her hands. So my aunt brought my mom a stitchwork sewing kit. She began sewing and since she had plenty of spare time on her hands, she was able to make this lovely stitchwork wall hanging. I found it today lying around the house, and I really wanted to make it into sims, so I got the seperate parts and put them into my scanner, to make this mesh. Over the years this picture has seen a lot of hardship, and I wanted it to show in the texture of this as well. It was framed, but not in glass, and it was cloth and hanging in the kitchen, so it's got some coke stains, and other spills and mishaps, but I think that gives it a little extra charm. For those of you who don't have perfect vision, it reads: "All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord made them all".

Mesh details:

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This mesh is recolorable, and base game compatible. Price is 120 simoleons.


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