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Testers Wanted - Remote Control Flying Borg Cube Toy

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The Borg have landed, and are ready to assimilate your sims! Well actually there will be no assimilating going on, but a whole lot of individualistic fun! This is The Borg Cube as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Voyager!

This functions just as a remote control plane would because it was cloned from the Maxis remote control plane. Because of that, it requires Freetime EP. It is found in electronics/entertainment and costs 450 simoleons.


You Must have both of these files in your downloads folder for this to work!


Huge thank you to Rebecah, this wouldn't be possible without her. She pointed me in the direction of fixing the self-referencing, as well as got my texture working in game for me, when before it was a flashing blue-green atrocity, and she also made the youtube video (but allowed me to share it on my account).


See the Youtube Video Here:


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This is so exciting. I love it. I can't wait to show my son.happyhappy.gif How do you test something? prayingsmiley.gif

All you do is see if it works in your game, and if it doesn't tell me about it.

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I tested it, Jon it works perfectly! I wanted to post a little video but it's taking ages to upload :( I'll add it as soon as it's finaly uploaded. thank you vrty much for this fun toy!

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