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No Aspiration Decay - Keep Sims Happy!

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Well first of all I'd like to say that, you never know as a Sims 2 Game Mod creator if something has been done before or not, Sims 2 is a very old game, and maybe someone has made your creation before somewhere at some point in time. You can however rest assured, that I did not steal this, I made this mod on my own.

What this mod does is this, it will make it to where your sims will not decrease aspiration score. They can only increase. So as time goes by, sims won't go from platinum, to gold, to green, to red if you don't meet their aspiration wants. I hope you enjoy!

Keep Sims Happeh!


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Wow! This will come in handy with my preview pictures. It is so frustrating to have to keep typing in "aspirationlevel5" to keep them happy for a photo shoot. Especially since I have a bad habit of accidentally leaving out the s. :wave:

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The good thing about this that you can't do with a cheat is, it won't decay. So you don't have to worry about it, just let the game play itself, worry free. With the cheat code you can set their levels as high as you want, but it will still decay. I'm also thinking of making versions for less decay, and more decay (for those who like a challenge in gameplay).

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