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Ariel Kaiden

Created to be the Wife of Kaiden

Kaiden was created by Aloha Kay

The storyline of this couple is that Ariel let Kaiden chase her until she caught him. He thinks he kidnapped her.  >She was left on doorstep of elderly, childless couple. In the small village she became an outsider because she was very charismatic and had above average awareness of her environment. It was like she knew what people were going to say before they said it. She could level things for her adopted father, a carpenter, just by sight. It was like her brain could connect and interpret all the minuscule clues and signs faster than any normal human.  Among his people, Kaiden was also an outcast or half-breed, his mother was an elf rescued by his father, a wealthy land baron. Kaiden possessed seemingly supernatural strength and endurance. Soon no one would compete against him in the festival games. He felt happiest exploring the huge, untouched forest of his inheritance. He built a home that blended so well with the surroundings that neither man nor beast knew it was there.

His wanderings took him to the outskirts of Ariel's village where she played alone in a secluded cove of a lake. Kaiden did not know Ariel was almost instantly aware of his presence. He crept closer and closer drawn to her free spirit and laughter. Then it hit him that there was a part of his being that had been missing and she was that part.  He approached and she swam farther away. He thought she was afraid and tried to reassure her. Ariel had to hide her face so that Kaiden could not see her smile. As he circled the lake following in her elusive wake he felt he must take more desperate measures to get her to listen to him.  He dove into the lake and quickly outmaneuvered her (or so he thought). When he could reach her she began to fight but weakly. He thought she was fatigued from swimming. She sank into a swoon and he pulled her from the lake and carried her to his home. While he tended her, Ariel remained limp and supposedly unconscious.  Thus began their courtship. They  were married by a passing priest who had lost in the woods until Kaiden found him and gave him care and nourishment.  




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Oh Nonni, she is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing her and I am honored that you would use Kaiden in your game. :)

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Thanks Guys! Just wait until you see the beautiful babies Ariel and Kaiden have together. Will update.happyhappy.gif

Hugs from Nonni

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