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Victorian Necklace Set

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UPDATE PLEASE READ: Some of you may have noticed that necklaces using Dr. Pixel's meshes, like mine here, occasionaly, if not constantly flash blue when you leave a lot and come back. The mesh has been fixed and I have updated the .zip in this thread with the new mesh. The fixed mesh credit goes to sixtylilies.

I am very excited about this download. I've spend a lot of time on these Victorian necklaces, tying to make them as real as possible. They are created after real victorian necklaces. Starting at the top left we have a glass cross, beside that a gold basket with flowers embedded with jewels. On the second row we have a fancy pendent with jewles, beside it is a praying angel cameo (cameos were of course very popular back then). On the bottom row is the famous mustard seed (on the real necklace the verse from Mathew is written on the back, but unfortunately we can't do that in sims.) and beside it is my favorite, and most elaborate piece (If you'll note, even between the chain links is transparent.)

The Mesh by Dr. Pixel is included.

Special credit: God (I couldn't have done it without my Heavenly Father. the%20wave%20smileys.gif )

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