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Drinkable Turn of The Century Cure-Alls, Elixirs, and Tonics

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Around 1900-1935 there were tons of cure alls and tonics in the form of carbonated drinks sold by road-side charllatons. They claimed to solve all your problems from aches and pains, to acne, to wrinkles, to depression. These sorts of things even started a law to be passed saying that you couldn't make outrageous claims about your product if it's not proven to be true, which is still in effect today.

These drinks are found in your fridge as have a snack. They are all non-defaults so you can use them together, and are base game compatible. I hope you enjoy!




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Guest dundypeeps


I wonder if it goes with grandmother's soup in the game, thanks! Caffiene was once sold as a cough syrup and now made into energy drinks-course even way before than the Mayans discovered the coca bean. Thanks!

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