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Medieval CAS Screen - Sims 2

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About This File

Updated 3/21/2015

to add missing recolors

and one Master mesh


Medieval CAS Screen








You will need Windkeeper's CAS mods from here.

recolor Hobbit-Hole Build Set



Rustic Wall Lamp

JohnBrehaut1 or Night Stalker
OMSP for Couchs

The "Hobbit Hole" Single Round Window and The "Hobbit Hole" Two Tile Window

Birch Tree Shrubby Larger and
Birch Tree Shrubby and
Birch Tree Spriggly

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Nonni, this is SIMply fabulous! I love it!

Is there a tutorial to create CaS screens?

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Sorry to take so long to reply - there are several tutorials but Michelle and I wrote one but since then I have changed computers. I thought I had saved it to MediaFire.

MTS2 CAS Screen Tutorial

I have to make another one for my Retro 40s, 50s, 60s game.

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Thank you so much! I love the idea of creating CaS screens for our own game, as well as possibly sharing them with others. I appreciate the tutorial, Nonni.


PS Just took a look...

This seems a bit disconcerting, as I have heard quite a few negative things about Game Starter mods ...



From MTS:

You must use Numenor's BaseGameStarter or the Any Game Starter to create your custom CAS lot without Seasons!! Custom CAS lots created in Seasons will cause all sims made within your new CAS screen to freeze to death. Unless you like simsicles, you'll need to use the BaseGameStarter.

PETS also can cause problems with strays appearing. Fencing in the lot seems to help - perhaps the basegame starter is also what you'll want to use. Yes, you will not be able to place things from EPS that you didn't include using the basegame starter, but it's better than having random strays appear or freezing sims. 

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Wow wow wow wow I'm speachless! This is far beyond any awesomness I would ever thought about a CAS screen!

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I am so pleased that you like. Thank you for taking the time to post positive feedback.

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