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The SimGym Mini Trampoline

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This is a joint project by Rebecah and me. The idea was mine and I meshed it and tried to get the correct coding. Then Beck was so kind to test the mini trampoline in her game. She then replaced all my faulty coding and added fun and body skills to it. She worked so hard on this trampoline! This should actually be her upload; I only did the mesh and the texture, she got it to work.


Thank you so much Beck for all your help, your kindness and encouragement. Without your help I would

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My Sims loved playing on this trampoline, I had fun watching them. Thank you MaAlet and Rebecah, you are both brilliant.


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Thank you, all of you!

As I said this is more Rebecah's creation than mine :flower: She also add the sound. The fun is mostly to listen how much the simmies enjoy playing on the trampoline.

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This is a very cute item. Thanks to you both for creating it.

I do have a question though. I am gathering that the animation for the kids jumping on it came from the jump on bed animation, but where does the adult animation come from?

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