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Rainbow Apartments


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About This File

The idea for these apartments are actually based on a hotel that is near where I am that has 4 different colored cabin/rooms.

It is built on a 5x3 lot and has 4 apartment units that are priced $1,376-1,400.

There is a little area for gardening (you can either tend it yourself or let the land lord tend it)

There is a play ground and a fishing hole.

CC included:

soft shape green carpet by Aloha Kay

Purple Rose floor by Alet

White Butterfly Tile by Alet

Camo carpet by me

Enchanted Forest mural1,2 and 3 by Aloha Kay

Butterfly and white Krampf Industry Value Counter by Alet (Im pretty sure Included it anyways)

I have all of the EPs and SPs

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