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November 17, 2012:
I have added a new version that should work with University or Higher. I'm not sure which expansion allowed for items to be added to the Sims Inventory, so it may be a higher Expansion.

I started creating this a few years ago for an Indian themed group on MTS, I was without internet for several months and lost contact with the group. So this got put on the back burner, so to speak. smile.gif

Sims have the option to grind many or just one container of corn. They may sell it for $80 or put it away in their fridge. (be sure your fridge is not full). Sims gain cooking skill, but lose comfort while using this.

This is found under Hobbies/Miscellaneous for $25.











Credits to bluetexasbonnie for help with the textures.



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I love the idea of the metate. The animations are nifty, and it gives my Sims a ton of fitness really fast -- almost too fast. I get the message to sell or store the ground corn, but no matter which choice I make neither happens. The household account value does not change, neither does the amount of food in the refrigerator. I also checked my Sims' inventories thinking that's where it went, but there is nothing. I have all EPs, up to Apartment Life, and I've tried both of the available downloads--which, in my game, works exactly the same. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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