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The Sims2 Body Shop Xtreme makeover

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public/style_extra/post_icons/icon9.gif Posted 26 March 2008 - 11:41 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the first The Sims2 Body Shop Makeover Presentation Show!

A round of applause for the Du Pont family please. Let me introduce you to the husband:

Mr. Llewellyn du Pont,


and the children: daughter Tia and son Wellyn.


I am sure they are very anxious to meet the new Rentia du Pont!

Llewellyn and Rentia du Pont is happily married , and will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next week.

Rentia du Pont at the beginning of last year:

Tragedy struck in February last year, when Rentia's face was disfigured in a car accident (Because of the sensitive nature of this case, pictures of her disfigured face can not be shown). Llewellyn loves his compassionate and caring wife very much, and it doesn't matter to him what she looks like.

Her disfigurement bothered her very much though - she never went out any more and became a quiet, shy and withdrawn woman. Her worried friends decided to do something about the problem and sent before and after pictures of her to the Body shop Xtreme Makeover team.

So without further to do , Ladies and Gentlemen , I present you the new Rentia du Pont!

The Body Shop Xtreme Makeover teams' case file photos

All her friends decided that she needs a new wardrobe

The new, very happy Rentia du Pont!



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