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"Angel of God, my guardian dear

To whom God's love commits me here;

Ever this day be at my side,

To light and guard, to rule and guide."

Two guardian angels dedicated to my good friend, Joshua, who was recently involved in a very serious automobile accident. Being near death, we thought we would lose him, but with many prayers and his guardian angels by his side, he has made a truely miraculous recovery.

These are converted meshes that I altered in Milkshape to my liking. The original standing angel was missing her right hand so I made her a new one and the kneeling angel was extremely oversized so I reduced her down to match the standing angel's scale. I also added a base to the standing angel to match the base on the kneeling angel. Finally, I made a mirrored version of each angel and slaved them to the originals

The Standing Guardian Angel


Faces: 3017

Appears in the catalog under Decorative/Sculptures for 400 Simoleons

The Kneeling Guardian Angel


Faces: 3652

Appears in the catalog under Decorative/Sculptures for 400 Simoleons

Both angels are recolorable and the download includes 4 recolors of each.


Ray :)

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I can't get these to show up in the game , also Angel in mourning is not showing up . Any suggestions ?  

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tgaila - Sorry to have been so long getting back to you. This may not be of any help to you but I took a screenshot just to let you know that I tried to see what may have happened to these files in your game. I came up with no explanation or cause as to why these angels do not appear in your game.


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Thank You for trying to help , Nonni .  

 I can't figure it out either .  I'll try again.

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