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Kativip-Legends ACR Fixed!

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Kativip uploaded a wonderful set to GOS that she called Legends-ACR. It consists of objects extracted from ACR and converted to TS2. Kativip attempted to make most of the objects slaved to various master meshes in the set, but unfortunately, she omitted a few very important steps in the process. As a result, not only were the meshes not repositoried to the master meshes, non of them were recolorable. I've spent absolutely countless hours fixing these files. I repaired 72 files so they would work the way Kativip intended them to work in the first place.


For Recolorers:

My file naming convention is as follows. Master mesh1 is the master for all slaves with a "1" as a suffix to their file name, Master mesh2 is the master for all slaves with a "2" as a suffix to their file name, etc. To illustrate, the file named kativip LS ACR Cart-slave3_Fixed.package is slaved to the file kativip LS ACR Winch 01-master3.package. Kativip LS ACR Falsework 01-slave1-3_Fixed.package is slaved to both kativip LS ACR Boxes-master1_Fixed.package and kativip LS ACR Winch 01-master3.package. Get the idea? This should make it easier for recolors to determine what masters need to be recolored to recolor the corresponding slave files.

Since so many files were borked in the set, I've tried to make it easy for you to fix your set. All you have to do to have a complete fixed set is remove all the object files you have from the original set and replace them with the files in the download. My download includes both my fixed files as well as all the original files that didn't need fixing (because they weren't slaved). All the GUIDs are the same, so they won't affect gameplay, i.e. if you've used any of the borked files in a lot, they will still be there after installing my fixed versions, only now they'll be repositoried and recolorable. If there are any I've missed, please let me know. There were so many files to fix, I may have overlooked one or two.

BTW, I did not include any of the walls, floors or terrain paints from the set. They are not affected by the repository technique, so I didn't touch those.

You can get Kativips original set HERE.

Ray :)

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