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Craggenmoor Tower

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About This File


Lot size: 4x4

Price: 94,574 simoleans

Lot type: Residential/Apartment





I am uploading the Residential version of the lot for folks who may want to make changes.

It can be converted to Apartment using the 'changeLotZoning' cheat.

Things to Notes:

1)The apartment doors (Unique Separator) are already in place for the 4 regular apts. and for the manager's apt.

2) You will need Numenor's *Recolorable* Wooden modular stairs to be able to have the appearance of stone steps by Marvine.

3) Michelle did a lovely recolor of The Warm 'n' Toasty Fireplace and it will overwrite the Maxis Warm 'n' Toasty Fireplace. If you want the Maxis color back you will have to remove Michelle's Fireplace, it is called Farmer Thompson's Fireplace.

4) The roof is actually bare and you can decorate and use it however you wish. The items displayed are:

a) Redneck Hot Tub by HugeLunatic with recolor by Michelle

B)/> There is a treadmill, it is an invisible recolor of the Fearless Flying 4000 Treadmill that Michelle did but I don't have a link for it.

c) Rebecah's Skill Learning Table

d) You will also see the 52 Pickup Card Table and a Chess set.

e) Then raynuss created the Functional Training Dummy

Big Thanks to God for the talent of the creators and their generosity without these this lot would not have been nearly so much fun to build.



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