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Yasuharas Refuge

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Yasuhara's Refuge Lot


I have included, I hope, all the master mesh files and textures needed so that you will have no blue flashing objects. Inside the CC folder there is a Global Mod Recolor for the rocks and terrain, if you do not like the dark rocks or terrain just remove that folder.

Yasuhara's Refuge

yasu = safe

hara = field

Residential Lot


35,500 Simoleons


Coming home from war, Yasuhara needed a refuge. A place of safety and peace where he could recover from the horrors of war. After some time of healing, he opened the refuge to the community. Here a sim could swim, fish, soak in the hot springs, explore and climb. Campfires were available for contemplation or roasting.

Close up of central camp site, there are a total of six camp sites. Each one has a tent, a campfire, Rebecah's Invisible Shower and Sunni's Squat Anywhere (no-flush) toilet. The central campsite has a fully functioning refrigerator (looks like hanging critters). There is also a fully functioning stove in the pot hanging over the fire (the fire is purely decor).



There is a hidden hot springs.



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  • Administrators

Yet another wonderful upload I missed! Nonni this is a perfect vacation lot!  Thank you very much! :smiley_happy107:

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:Thank_you:  It seems so long ago that I built this lot. I enjoyed it however it took a long time to get it done. I could probably kept 'tweaking' it forever.

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Wonderful !  I am planning to incorporate this into my neighborhood !  Just a quick question.... is the tent(s) available for separate download ?

 Great job !

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