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I apologize for the number of elves offered here. I enjoyed this project, I love fiddling with genetics. I reckon I got carried away. I was inspired by davecarr:


Will you be offering the characters as downloads? ;D
I have an Elvish sub-neighborhood, (Wood Elves), but am keen to add to the community.

I Googled Wood Elves and found that the elves common feature was long pointed faces. From those images I endeavored to recreate those pictures into Sims.

I also could not decide which Wood Elf Sims to present so I will let David decide which, if any, that he would like to use. The names were chosen from an Elf Name Generator. I have given the Sims their elvish names with the English translation.

 I hope that you find something to enjoy.












My Gratitude and Thanks to all the Gifted and Generous Creators

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Oh my goodness...I just love these Elves..thank you Nonni..


Is that there first and last names..

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The Elves' names are 1st is Elvish and the second is their English title. I do not usually make Sims with pointy faces but that was the most common description. You are a sweetheart, Sam!

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I hope I get this right...


Their ears are not makeup or accessories. Their children will have the pointed ears unless they marry and have children with a human. I don't know if the ears are a dominant or recessive gene.

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