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Four functional pedestals with five recolors for each....

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Posted 03 July 2007 - 01:22 AM

Hi all,


I'm back again for the moment, with a project that I started before I left for a while. These are the pedestals that I've been working on. They don't do anything special other than serving as a table for decorations to sit on, but I just feel like there are not enough pedestals for all the tabletop statues that are out there. LOL Anyway, I hope you all like these.


Found under and tables for $200


Warning: Pedestal 1 of this collection is super high face count. It has more faces than all three of the others combined. 2033 faces! I thought it was cool so I left it with this collection. It caused no slow down in my game but may cause slow down in older computers. Face counts for the other three are 549, 228, and 522.


If you all like these uploads, feel free to leave a comment.


Please review my policy on uploading and recoloring of my objects if you intend to recolor these or upload these at another site.

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Guest YleniaHouse


I've always loved these pedestals, I had already downloaded them a long time ago ... But I'm happy to have found them. Thanks!  🤩

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