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Wood Chopping Fallen Birch Tree

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Updated November 11, 2014 - Thanks to Alraris for making me aware the logs were not working for businesses.
I created this per a request from Hydromancerx. Thanks Hydromancerx for the request!

You find this item under Knowledge/Misc for $100. Sims chop wood to gain body skill, enthusiasm in nature and fun, they also, earn logs which go into their inventory, each set of logs may be sold for $100. Their energy, and hygiene are reduced while chopping the wood. Body temp increase. After 8 times of chopping wood, the fallen tree will disappear.

Custom Sound and animations.




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Thank You this is a great object! I have fun chopping these :)


Could You possibly made it business compatible? When my sim has a few wooden logs in inventory, he still "buys" new one for cash to restock it, and don't use these from inventory.

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I thought I'd ask this here, since I don't want to clog up your memberships just to be able to message you. I love all of your animated items and really appreciate all of the effort you've put into them over the years. I'm using this tree and the pine tree in a new integrated style of neighborhood that I'm playing around with developing. I'm tweaking a few things in SimPE for personal use only, to suit my specific purposes for this specific neighborhood, but there's one thing I can't figure out, and I'm hoping you can help.

So: Is there any way to make it so that Sims can chop more than 8 piles of logs from a single tree? Preferably so that there is no such limit at all and one tree is infinitely choppable? I know that's not realistic, but I'm using these things in a sort of "industrial" way, and it's difficult to monitor everyone and to keep replacing the trees once a "worker" has chopped 8 piles of logs. I'm fairly conversant in SimPE, so I can make the change myself, if it's something that's easy for you to explain; I just need a bit of a hint as to what to change. Assuming that this sort of change is possible at all, of course.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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I'm pretty sure I can do that for you ICad, give me a day or two and I will try it on this tree first.  I wish you would register so I can send you a test copy.

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