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Animated Water Wheel Mill

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Found under Deco/Misc for $50.

The Mill creates a bag of flour after a little over an hour and continues to create another bag each hour. If the mill has not created any bags of flour only the View option is available. I have changed the setting on this version for the energy to not require M&G. You may need M&G to receive the credit for unused energy. It will however, reduce the energy bills depending on your Sims energy usage.

Video is best viewed in full screen:








Credits: To Nonni for testing so thoroughly! Please click her thanks button to show appreciation, she has been a major help to me and my recent creations, not only with testing, but her wonderful ideas.



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Thank you for this, Rebecah. I will have to try it in my game and see what kind of house/lot that will be nice to have with this.

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Thank you Rebecah; you have so many wonderful creations. I've just started a new neighborhood called Hope Haven where Sims tired of city and suburban life will live "off the grid." This is another one of your creations that will be perfect for this neighborhood.

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This is remarkable, very impressive work. I do have two questions: one, would it be possible to vary the speed (perhaps toggle between fast and slow, both to simulate the ebb and flow of the river, and to spare the computer when there's a lot of other activity going on), and two, to turn off flour production? A dozen bags in autumn from grinding your grain seems reasonable to me, but not constant 24/7 money production.

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Guest BillySIMS139


This looks great!  What are the expansion pack requirements (if any)?

Thank you!

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