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Animated Rideable Horses

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November 15, 2011 - Added version for base game. All items are found under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous. I have tested this in Sims Life Stories and it did work, so it should work for everyone who has any base game combination without Pets or above. I have also, updated the pets version items, if you don't have freetime please redownload.

Test version of my horses. These randomly run around your lots. They have two needs which are social and hunger.

All purchasable items are found under Miscellaneous/Pets, some items like the rake are accessories.

To purchase the horses, saddled horses and ponies you must first place the sign on you lot, then click on it to purchase your selection. Ponies do not require a horse to take care of their needs, unlike my other animals. The also do not grow up to be full sized horses. To change their texture you have to use the design tool under buy mode, just as you would recolor other items.

There is a feed trough and water trough, they will need to fill their hunger needs.

Sims have an option to pet, clean and brush which will increase their social.

A Straw bed is available for their sleeping, but not required, and allows for horses, pigs and cows to use for sleeping.

Credits: Dragon Slave for her original horse mesh, rumbecome at MTS for making me aware of the farmsims site. Farmsims for some of the coding and animations. He did put a lot of work into the updates of these and I want to thank him for that. The bridle and one of the horse textures, and the saddle texture is by Christina, She has other items posted on http://equus-sims.blogspot.com.

Note: These should not conflict with the versions that Farmsims has for sale on his site. I have made numerous changes, that have taken me weeks to complete, and while he did violate my policy by selling them, I do appreciate the hard work he put into them to improve them.

Unfortunately these items take a lot of time to complete, for those wondering about sheep....they are coming sometime in the near future (I hope).

Sims 2 - PC Horse

These require so much, that I have grown tired of working on them, there are several options I'm not happy with and may work on later, but for now please don't complain. If you are unhappy with the animations etc, then you are more then welcome to work on them yourself, or delete the files.

If things just don't work I would like to hear about those types of issues.

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Guest KittenOnACloud


All of your animals are just beautiful. I didn't think my laptop could handle the extra bulk of animated animals but they run smoothly yet realistically. Thank you for what must have taken weeks of thought and effort to make these creations. 

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This is so amazing, thank you for sharing, I enjoy all of your work. I don't know if you accept requests but it would be awesome if you could create a lawn mower for the grass that grows in the yard, love you!

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Hi I went under misc/misc and I'm not finding the signs for any of the farm animals I've downloaded. I know how to download cc, but I must have messed something up.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi rebecah! Thanks for all your work. I have an issue. I have been using the horses for a while now, but recently the npc used to create the horse has become visible. So there's basically a man standing there inside the horse. Id like to know if there is a fix for this. Thank you very much! 

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  • Administrators

Delete the files, especially the with NPC in the name.  For some reason the game writes things to this file and it messes with the way the horse works.  Then replace it with a new copy.  It might actually be best to just delete them all and replace them with a fresh copy.

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Hi! I'll do that, thanks for getting back to me. I love your work and use most of your animals in my farming hoods. Thank you for giving me hours of fun gameplay! 

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Hello! I love your horses and I'd like to try smoothing out some of the animations. I'm a sims machinima creator and would like to utilize them for my major film! I'm unsure exactly how to go about this because I've worked with sims rigs before, but never objects/animals. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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I have spent a few days hunting these files down since reinstalling sims 2. Unfortunately the game will not allow me to place the sign post anywhere. No reason for it - just RED. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you all. Everything else shows up and works.

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