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A DO ALMOST EVERYTHING Portrate for Creators(lots of new interactions, hacked object)

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Posted 03 July 2007 - 11:17 PM

Hi All,


My intent in creating this painting was two-fold. The most important of these reasons was to create an object that would save creators time in testing their objects. For example, if you want to test a bed and your sim has full energy, then you can use this painting to drain their energy. The second intent I had was to try out and learn some new techniques for myself, including manipulation of stats, changing tile count, adding dialog boxes..that sort of thing, so there are some fun things that the painting does that serve no real purpose for object creation. I consider this as a work in progress as I want it to be a catch-all creator's tool, but it is already highly useful for many functions, so I am going to post it as is. You may want to keep an eye out for updates. No global hacks were used in this object and it has been tested with Nightlife, though I believe it will work with the base game.


Here are the things you can control...

*Finances: You can easily add money to your sim's account or donate money to charity to earn nice points. Don't get too greedy with this one, as I have a surprise for the greedy sim.

*Clothing: You can use this painting to change into any outfit that you need them to be in.

*Skill points: You can add skill points either by category or add a random skill point to your sim.

*Commit suicide: This option makes your sim die. Don't use this on a sim that you don't want dead.

*Aspirations: You can fill your sim's aspirations and mood.

*Time of day: You can change the hour to any time of day. This was to make it quick and easy to test an object in the dark or daylight, depending on what the creator needed. I have often needed to change to nighttime or see how an object affects the game over a matter of hours. This accomplishes that. NOTE: If you alter the time from a daylight hour to a nighttime hour or vice versa, the change will not take effect until you do an action that resets game state, such as going into buy mode.

*Age of sim: This will make your sim older or younger. If you are in a hurry to get through those teen years or you want to keep your sim a certain age, this will do it unlimited.

*Learn about the Picture: I wanted to add a purely educational element to this image, so I did a mini report on the Galaxy that was used for the picture. It is most informative and will add interest in sci-fi to your sim when they read it.

*Motives: You can use this to drain energy, max motives so that your sim doesn't run off on you while you are trying to test something, or you can fill your energy only.


That is it so far. I think this is a neat item, and I hope you all find it useful.

If you like this object, please take a minute to leave a comment and say thanks. I value all your feedback.

A few thanks of my own here: Thanks to Princess and Rob for testing it. Thanks to Smithy for his money pile, which I studied for creating my money functions in this. Thanks to Katy for all the advice that you have given me in helping me to learn general creation related things. Thanks to cathair2005 for her incredible time changing codes, which I also studied to create mine.

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