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Animated Farm Cattle

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About This File

I have disabled visitor ability to milk the cows.

Test version of my cattle. These randomly run around your lots. They have two needs which are social and hunger.

All items are found under Miscellaneous/Pets.


To purchase the cows, bulls, and calves you must first place the sign on you lot, then click on it to purchase your selection. Calves require a cow to take care of their needs. To change their texture you have to use the design tool under buy mode, just as you would recolor other items.


There is a feed trough and water trough, they will need to fill their hunger needs.


Sims have an option to pet cows and bulls, which will increase their social.


A Straw bed is available for their sleeping, but not required, and allows for both pigs and cows to use for sleeping.


Calves will grow up to be adults after three days.


There is a slaughter option. This is something I'd like to change eventually, but for now you have to purchase the slaughter table in order to slaughter a cow, and the cooked version will be left on the table.


Credits: rumbecome at MTS for making me aware of the farmsims site. Farmsims for some of the coding and animations. He did put a lot of work into the updates of these and I want to thank him for that.


Note: These will conflict with the versions that Farmsims has for sale on his site. I have made numerous changes, that have taken me weeks to complete, and while he did violate my policy by selling them, I do appreciate the hard work he put into them to improve them.


Unfortunately these items take a lot of time to complete, for those wondering about horses and sheep....they are coming soon.


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Wooohooow!! Now I can have a cow! And this is possible thanks to you! Cheese! This is so cool! Thanks a lot! 

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Guest BillySIMS139


Thank you so much for all of your hard work, creativity, and effort!  Love your work!

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