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Knitting - Yarn Ball - Free Time Required

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About This File

Found under Hobbies/Misc $25.

Sims gain creativity and enthusiasm for art, when finished knitting a pile of clothing is created in their inventory which maybe sold for $100 or used to purchase a new outfit once the purchase is complete your Sims will be refunded a $100 towards their purchase.



Known issues: If you save and leave your game with a Sims knitting when returning to the game they will be knitting in very slow motion..I do not recommend you save your game while a Sims is knitting.

Sometimes the knitting does not go into their hands properly.

Thanks to our testing team for testing this, and thanks to pykkadilly for the request. Nonni for the lot in the image and video.


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I just wanted to say how much I love this object. I didn't realize that Sims can use it autonomously. I have a male Sim that likes to knit - it makes me smile and laugh whenever it he does it. It was an unexpected and pleasing surprise. Thank you for this wonderful creation.

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Hi Rebecah!

Absolutely love this knitting creation of yours.

I was so excited when I found it!

I often do a little knitting myself, so am very happy that my Sims in sims 2 can knit as a hobby now as well.


Probably a little  too complicated, but then seeing how clever you are with everything you make, was wondering whether or not it was possible to make the finished knitted garments show up in different colours like the pot holders, which show up in random colours.


Many Thanks


You are very, very talented!




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