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Hot Chocolate Set - Original by HB - Requires FT

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About This File

Updated December 27, 2012 - I found a problem with the step stool thanks to Nonni, and have updated this.

Thanks to a request from MaAlet I have updated a set originally created by HopeB. There were several issues with the file that have been fixed and I have added some features. Thank you Alet and thanks to you and Nonni for testing this.

Children now have a stool appear when they drink the tea, and use their own animations.

Sims drink the hot chocolate faster, with a lot less jiggling.

Hunger, fun, energy and max of aspiration is achieved when drinking the hot chocolate. Bladder needs will decrease. Some warmth is given too.

Sims no longer drop the cup all over the house, they will place it in the dishwasher when done.

Sims also gain enthusiasm for cuisine.

Basically the hot chocolate makes your Sims feel good, just as real tea does. :)/>/>/>

I have made the base recolorable, but Sims will still drink from the light colored cup as I can't really recolor those.

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