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The Empire States Building - Neighborhood decoration - Sims 2

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Posted 25 September 2007 - 11:24 AM

After thinking over about what might not be created already for the sims, i suddenly got the idea to do a neighborhood building!

And so i present to you the most famous building of this planet, "The Empire States Building".

This is a building just like the 3 neighborhood skyscrapers that came with maxis, only somewhat bigger!

It took me alot of work to get the textures right, but i think it was well worth the effort. smile.gif

This is best viewed from within a lot close to the building because of it's size!

However if you have a camera hack that can zoom further out then maxis default camera then you can view it also in full from within the neighborhood.

This building does not replace any maxis buildings, so the other 3 are also still available.

You find it in Neighborhood decorations/misc.

You only need the nightlife expansion for it to show up.


Just like any object open the rar-file and place the package file in your downloads folder!


Faces: 605

Vertices: 324

Have fun with this new object!

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